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Nowadays the face of marketing is changing and, like the arrival of digital cameras and Photoshop, it's something we have to accept and adapt to, or get left behind to fail. Networking and creating a referral system is important in any business, but the extent of building a business strategy around social networking is becoming ever so important. It's quite different from simply sharing banal information and posting family photos for friends and loved ones.

I've discovered that LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and newsletters all have different purposes in brand recognition and growing a business. I've only started to understand the usefulness of Google Analytics, as well as how important back-links are, 're-purposing' information to push out to various sites, selecting keywords, and labelling photos and YouTube videos in a certain way. Amazingly, so much of social networking is available for free - it's just a matter of finding it, and using it with the purpose of business in mind.their wedding attire.

Everyone had a great time, and once they saw the images, they couldn't stop talking about them.

It's the small steps - establishing the building blocks of a new business - that I truly believe will bring long-term success. It's also the boring stuff, the things we photographers, as creative-types, might not excel at, and usually don't schedule time for. So no matter how little time is available, in the quieter times it's probably worth dedicating a few hours to tend to forgotten details, research new ways of doing business, or finding satisfying personal projects to fill the time. You never know - they may just lead to the next new photographic trend.

P.S. Have any of you ever hired a business coach - if so, what was the best advice they gave you?

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