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by Tony Tang Published 01/06/2012


3. Make-up tips. Do advise your make-up artist to apply matt finish make-up; slightly more prominent lipsticks, eye shadows to be evened off gradually from dark to light. Foundation evenly applied over ears and all of neck up to chest area. Red, brown or rustic coloured lipsticks are ideal for black and white pictures. You will not get prominent lips with pink colour lipsticks in black and white images.

4. For swim wear and art nude images, advise model to wear loose undergarments for several hours ahead of the shoot to prevent having to clone out marks on skin later.

5. Prime lens for FX sized chip camera, 24mm, 50mm and 85mm are fast focusing and the best quality. I like to include a little more of the location. Pictorial Art nude sounds cool!!

6. The Vogue magazine and Professional Imagemaker magazine are all very good for spawning ideas.Attend as many workshops as you can and always have personal projects planned ahead, so that when you are out and about, you may come across props suitable for the next shoot.

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