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by Andy Cubin Published 01/06/2014


Now the overall shape is asymmetric and a line of asymmetry is impossible to superimpose on this body shape - and we can see from Figure 3 that we now have a pose.

So, I could propose that: Provided the body is presented such that it is not symmetric - then it must be in a pose.

Let's nip back to the symmetric pose for a few moments.

Lines of Plane

If I were to take significant pairs of points along the length of the body (eyes, shoulders, elbows, hands, knees) and draw lines between them, these would represent lines of plane, eg the plane of the eyes, the plane of the knees, etc, etc.

Figure 4 shows our line of plane superimposed on our symmetrical pose and we can see that these lines are parallel to each other.


Going forward, if I were to now superimpose those lines on an asymmetric shape (Figure 5), I can see that those lines of plane are no longer parallel.

Back up the page I proposed that if there was no line of symmetry then there must be a pose.

Now I could also propose that: if the lines of plane are not parallel - then there must also be a pose - it amounts to the same thing.

Practically, in photography, this would translate into positioning limbs and joints at different heights to each other and again, practically, this is done by asking the model to bend her legs/arms/neck, etc. This is something that, as photographers, we do day in, day out and, if you are a follower of the rule: 'if it can bend, bend it'. Well, now you know why!

OK - we are on a roll now, so let's take these lines of plane and give them more precise defined dimensions.

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