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by Andy Cubin Published 01/06/2014


First of all, we will take a line of plane and ensure it starts and finishes at precise points, eg the eyes, the shoulders, the knees etc. It doesn't really matter what you pick, as long as they are a matching body part - see Figure 6:

In other words, as in Figure 6 above, the line of plane joining Maggie's eyes is limited in length from her left eye to her right eye and so on.


If we then bisect these lines and place a red dot on the point of equal distance between each end, on our symmetrical pose it looks like Figure 7:

If we were to then draw a line joining these red dots in Figure 7 - which is a symmetrical pose, we would get a straight vertical line which from figure 2 is ... a line of symmetry!

Woopeedoo!, I sense you cry - big deal! But here is the really clever bit.

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