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by Andy Cubin Published 01/08/2014


This is the basis of the general flow of this article.

we look at the opening image, we can see that the contours of the models' faces tend to shape towards the centre of the face around the eye sockets. Conversely, at the cheekbones, the contour tends to shape away from the centre of the face - not too dissimilar from the coastlines mentioned previously and more importantly, they appear to fit nicely together.


The Gap. We'll firstly take a shot that presents our couple in the worst way I can generate - Figure 1. There is a significant gap between their heads, they are flat-on to camera and to all intents and purposes, they may as well not have any connection to each other.

Figure 2 shows the gap reduced to nothing and now, at the very least, they appear to actually be a couple. This guideline is especially true when photographing child siblings who may well not enjoy being this close up to their brother or sister - a couple of lollipops for unashamed bribery work well in this scenario but, hold on to the lollipops 'till after the subjects have performed. Release the treats too early and you lose those children for good - I know from bitter experience!

The Height. As usual, I digress so it's time to create some more interest within our couple's image and the next stage is to vary their respective heights.

Conventionally, we might make the male appear taller - even if he physically isn't! A model's height can be adjusted easily by splaying his or her legs - Figure 3:

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