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by Andy Cubin Published 01/08/2014


You may notice, even with faces almost face-on to camera, that the contours of the couples' faces tend to fit into each other when one subject is lower than the other. This is because our heads are generally pearshaped with the wide point around cheekbone-level, narrowing towards the chin.

Turning In.

We can improve the look even further by getting the couple to turn their heads in towards each other - Figure 4. The result produces a connection between the two people in the shot as the 'coastlines' of their faces fit together.


However, now we need to be careful. If we ask the couple to turn to profile and look into each other's eyes, the man's chin lowers and, if he has more than one, this will show. The lady's brow, whilst looking up will tend to furrow - again somewhat undesirable - Figure 5.

The Height. As usual, I digress so it's time to create some more interest within our couple's image and the next stage is to vary their respective heights.

Conventionally, we might make the male appear taller - even if he physically isn't! A model's height can be adjusted easily by splaying his or her legs - Figure 3:

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