June Photographic Competitions – Open to both members and non-members alike

Photo CompThe Societies are pleased to launch June’s Photographic Competitions.

We would like to thank all those who have previously entered The Societies’ monthly photographic competitions. This month we launch another three competitions for you to enter and we look forward to seeing more stunning images.

Entries are invited from everyone who is interested in photography.

All Creatures Great and Small

Our world provides us with a rich assortments of creatures both large and small, so this months topic invites entries that depict ‘all creatures great and small’. Remember that being in their natural environment and being engaged in some sort of activity adds to the story. So lets some incredible images of the animals that share our world.

Food Photography Competition

This month the theme of the competition is ‘food’, so lets see some imaginative imagery that depicts this topic. You could consider how food is produced, how it is prepared, where it is served, how it’s served or just about anything that you think represents a strong story telling image that gets the visual message across.

In Vogue Photography Competition

The theme of this competition is fashion and can feature either male or female stylish images. Just a thought: A fashion shot should show the clothes to the fullest effect as if the image had been commissioned by a magazine, designer etc. So let’s see some terrific fashion images this month!


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