Neale James – Photofilms Superclass at The Societies’ 2016 Convention

Neale James Join Neale James at The Societies’ 2016 Convention for a Superclass on ‘Sound and Pictures = 80 Weddings a Year’.

Booked in 2011 to shoot the wedding of a terminally ill bride, Neale decided to cover this special family occasion with a mixture of still documentary style photographs and sound. The bride hadn’t booked a videographer, but knowing that this day would clearly be emotional for her, her husband and their five year old daughter, Neale was keen to provide an audio diary of the event atop the photographs. He presented this back to the clients as a slideshow with real sounds from their day. It was the first Wedding Photofilm.

“Primarily we remember our loved ones through photographs and albums. Rarely do we ‘bottle’ the sounds of our lives, but they are equally precious. If you close your eyes and recall a picture, actually you can pretty much do it well. But try to remember what was said and how. Well that’s a lot harder.”

In the years subsequent to that wedding, Neale developed the Wedding Photofilm further. For clients it’s a USP and certainly a game changer. It’s enabled Neale to shoot up to 80 weddings a year and keep his diary attractively commissioned. In this Superclass, Neale shows what he uses to create these unique films, discusses how he works, what software he uses and will study recent films to show how other photographers may adapt this precious advantage.

*Limited to just 15 delegates*

Course level: Intermediate

Date: 23/1/2016
Time: 09.00 to 13.00
Venue: Hilton London Metropole, Edgware Road, London, W2 1JU

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