The news is – we’re in the news!

Our monthly photographic competitions open to members and non-members, have proved to be a huge success for The Societies of Photographers.

We have received lots of outstanding work from all over the globe. An additional benefit is that the newspapers have picked up the feeds and published it further. Recently our members’ work has been published by The Times, The Telegraph, The Sun, Western Daily Press, Mail Online, Mirror, Teletica (Costa Rica), The Soctsman, Lovin Malta, Shutterbug, Times of Malta and Yorkshire Post – that’s a reach of over 31 million readers seeing our members’ work; it’s all good stuff.

Publication Reach
Lovin Malta Unknown
Mail Online (Online Unique Browsers) 15,468,721
Mirror (Online Unique Browsers) 4,952,835
Shutterbug Unknown
Teletica Unknown
The Scotsman (Online Unique Browsers) 513,000
The Sun (Avg. Circulation) 1,602,320
The Sun (Online Unique Browsers) 4,577,007
The Telegraph (Online Unique Browsers) 4,097,621
The Times (Avg. Circulation) 440,736
Times of Malta (Avg. Circulation) 37,000
Western Daily Press (Avg. Circulation) 26,053
Total 31,715,293

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