Introduction to Studio Lighting Full-Day Photography Seminar – Hatfield, Hertfordshire

The Societies are pleased to announce a new full-day seminar on studio lighting.

Join Simon Burfoot and Brian Collier from The Flash Centre for a full-day seminar on Introduction to Studio Lighting in Hatfield, Hertfordshire on the 8 November 2017.

Simon says, “This course is aimed at the photographer who wants to take their images to the next level. We will explain and demonstrate just how easy it is to use off camera flash with the minimum amount of equipment allowing you to create different looks to ensure you stand out from the crowd.  Please be assured that this is a training day and not a sales day. The techniques we will show are relevant to any type of off camera flash system including speedlites.”

This seminar is limited on space, so booking early is advised to ensure your place.

For more information check out the Photography Seminars section of the website.

Sponsored by Sim Imaging and The Flash Centre

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