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I am a music photographer specialising in live work. I am always on the look out for interesting bands and solo acts to photograph. Feel free to contact me if you wish me to photograph you or your band. You can contact me at any of my sites below or fill in the contact form at the end of this page.

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Focus on pro photographer Steven May

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1000 Word Images by Steven May

They say an image is worth a 1000 words…well hopefully these images will help photo researchers and stock photo picture buyers with ideas. I’m available for bespoke commissions to meet your photographic needs from Commercial, through Portraits to Weddings. See the links on the right hand side for access to my own stock photos at agencies such as Alamy, AGE Fotostock, PSC Photoshelter Collection and ImageFile. Steven May – UK www.stevenmayphotography.co.uk Tel 01749 675108

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Spotlight on professional photographer Nigel Paul

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Recky: Mistley, Essex

I like to check out places before I photograph a wedding and recently visited Mistley church for Vicky who is getting married to John at this church in July.

She said that she would like a photograph of the church at night, when it’s impressively lit. So I arrived a little before sundown and took these. Mistley is renown for it’s large number of White Mute Swans that live at the waterfront, so I was surprised to find a pair of Black Swans. I only had a wide angle lens with me so the picture of the swans isn’t great, as I couldn’t get too close!

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Focus on professional photographer Georgina Shellard

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I’ve just returned from a 2 week photography diving holiday in the Maldives – renowned as one of the foremost diving locations. It certainly didn’t disappoint as I was fortunate enough to encounter both Mnata Ray and Whale Shark!

It’s a sad fact that much of the coral in the area has been badly bleached by the 1998 El Nino and further damaged by the Tsunami of 2004. But recovery is still in progress and there is plenty to see.

The visibility underwater wasn’t brilliant at this time of year but with a little effort and a very wide angle lens it’s amazing what you can capture.

Check out the escape section of my website for the latest images from this trip.

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Focus on professional photographer Ken Lam

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Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Malaysia May 16, 2008 • 3 Comments

Some friends have been asking me if we have taken some pre-wedding photos in Malaysia. To be honest, being a photographer myself, I’m not used to being photographed! On the day, I was concentrating more on what camera and lenses they used and how they used the lighting equipments. WOW!! Canon MKII 1Ds with the Canon

EF 50mm F1.4.

The sun was so bright in Malaysia, and most of the time, I couldn’t keep my eyes opened, so the photographer asked me to close my eyes! Luckily, the photos turned out quite well. For BEST quality of viewing, please click on the “Menu” on the video and choose “Original size”.

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Spotlight on pro photographer Maria de Fatima Campos ABPPA

SWPP & BPPA member Maria de Fatima Campos of London London has a photographic blog highlighting their professional photographic business

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What makes a portrait photograph photogenic?
I have worked as a photographer for more than thirty years and on numerous occasions I have been amazed that the person I have met and thought had attractive facial features appears un-photogenic in a photograph. Conversely with some of the groups I have photographed it has been the person I least remembered in the group who turns out to be most photogenic.

Part of the project has been to conduct a survey of portrait photographers. I have now come to the

conclusion that the same phenomenon happens to them, and that even experienced photographers sometimes fail to recognise a photogenic or non-photogenic subject in the flesh.

What I really want is to discover exactly what happens to a three-dimensional face, which seems to me photogenic, when it is “flattened” by the optical image formation process.

I have set up this blog site on the internet for photographers who can contribute to this research by inputting their views about why some portraits are photogenic.

So please do contribute. You can see the theories and results of my experiments and surveys on our web site as they happen.

Maria de Fatima is a specialist photographer in Children Portrait Press & PR travel photography

The beautiful frame – Garden photography

The International Garden Photographer of the Year competition is open to amateurs as well as pros, writes Harriot Lane Fox

In pictures: International Garden Photographer of the Year entries

Chelsea Flower Show 2008

In a scene stolen from a shaken snow dome, a couple with bright umbrellas hurry across a bridge through a flurry of snow at Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, Japan. It is an ethereal, atmospheric image and it has won Claire Takacs the title of International Garden Photographer of the Year.

Winning entries: (clockwise from top left) Kenrokuen Garden, Japan by Claire Takacs; autumn leaf by Henrique Souto; partridge and reflection by Fergus Gill (aged 15); robin with worm by Andrew Bailey

This is a brand new competition, open to amateur photographers, who made up 70 per cent of the entries in its inaugural year, as well as professionals.

“The idea is to inspire a much wider audience to get involved in garden photography,” says Jane Nichols, one of the organisers who is also the business partner and wife of the leading professional photographer Clive Nichols.

“We want to do for plants and gardens what the Wildlife Photographer of the Year does for wildlife.”

Thousands of entries poured in – they won’t say exactly how many for fear of scaring off future competitors – from all over the world.

Claire Takacs is Australian and Henrique Souto, winner of “Best Portfolio” for his autumn leaves backlit on a black background, is an amateur from Portugal. And the best images in the five categories are staggering.

For “wildlife in the garden”, amateur photographer Andrew Bailey captured a hungry robin in mid-tussle with an elasticated earthworm, while semi-pro Chinch Gryniewicz won “Plant Portraits” with a shot of marguerite heads in the rain.

Young Garden Photographer of the Year Fergus Gill (aged 15) from Perthshire caught a red-legged partridge gazing at itself in a window.

Claire Takacs’ winning picture was in the “Garden Views” category.

“This is a deeply atmospheric picture, brilliantly achieved in conditions in which many photographers would have just gone home,” says fellow professional and judge Andrew Lawson.

“The pictures were anonymous when we judged them, but it turned out that several of Claire Takacs’ entries had done well. I think we’ve discovered an outstanding garden photographer as our first winner.”

The 11 judges included Clive Nichols, television gardener and designer Chris Beardshaw, Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins, Kew Gardens’ top tree man Tony Kirkham and Gordon Rae for the RHS. They looked for originality and for images that rewarded contemplation rather than being instantly appealing.

Competitors can use any camera (even a mobile telephone), digitally manipulate the images, and enter either single pictures or portfolios of six with a unifying theme. Entry fees start at £10 and there is no expensive processing as all images are submitted online.

The prize money is also an incentive. Takacs receives £5,000, Souto £3,000 and there are smaller cash prizes for category winners and runners up. The finalists’ work will be published in a glossy coffee-table book and exhibited at Kew.

Next year is Kew’s 250th birthday so the organisers have introduced a new category: “World Botanic Gardens”. “We hope to take the exhibition to botanic gardens all over the world,” said Jane Nichols. If they pull it off, the kudos for the competition, and for its winner, will be considerable.

How to enter in 2009

Daily Telegraph readers who enter the International Garden Photographer of the Year before the end of May can submit a set of four single images in any of the seven categories for half price (£5). Enter the code DTELMDSF when paying. The closing date is January 31, 2009. Visit www.igpoty.com for full details.

The ‘International Garden Photographer of the Year 2008’ exhibition is on at Kew until September 28 (020 8332 5655; http://www.kew.org).



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Alice and Alistair

My first wedding in St Andrews!

We headed to a ruined cathedral for some photographs. It was quite dramatic with the stormy sea in the background. The videographer on the day was Roy Stewart. If you’re looking for a videographer I would thoroughly recommend Roy.

Scott is a specialist photographer in Wedding Landscape photography

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Digital Photography & Imaging Show London

London presentations on Adobe’s Digital Imaging software

June 26 – 27, 2008, Business Design Centre, London

Adobe product demonstrations will be featured at the Digital Photography & Imaging Show to be held in Islington, North London. Eight free 45-minute sessions will be presented on both days by top presenters Robin Preston, Matthew Stuart, Jonathan Briggs and Rob Griffiths. They will demonstrate how photographers and agency folk can expand their potential with the Adobe Photoshop family of applications. The sessions cover Adobe Photoshop CS3, Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements and colour management techniques.