Photographic forum members on flickr

SWPP & BPPA Forum members have opened a flickr group on behalf of all members.

Member Mark Perry says ‘If there is one thing you get on flickr, that is exposure. If there is one thing that a photographer wants is for people to see and admire their work. I get pleasure from knowing people are getting pleasure from looking at my images, better than boxes of negs & slides that no one ever sees’. Further details can be found here:

SWPP and BPPA Thanks

Following receipt of your letter regarding Aaduki insurance, I”ve just saved over £70 on my renewal with them, simply by mentioning SWPP & BPPA.
It was a good week all round for me as a member – I also received a gold award for my competition entry too.  So thank you very much, your work on behalf of the membership is appreciated!
Sue Gilmore

Sarah Knights Photography

SWPP and BPPA member Sarah Knights Photography from Wiltshire now has an online exhibition

Featuring some of Sarah’s creative wedding and portraiture work.

Sarah has had a passion for photography for over 20 years and is qualified as a licentiate with both the SWPP and BIPP

She says ‘For weddings, I like to meet people before the day, preferably at the venue, to discuss everything in detail, face to face.Nothing is set in stone – I tailor everything to suit their tastes’

Spotlight on Salt Lake City Photographer Dave Newman

Legend social photographer Dave Newman has an online gallery on the SWPP web site. Featuring just some of his superb portrait work he is acknowledges as one of the leaders in the photographic industry with a long career as a professional photographer.

He is recognised for his superb posing and lighting techniques in tradition wedding and portraiture photography.

Dave will also be lecturing at the SWPP and BPPA 2009 January Convention in London

You can see his gallery at:

Photographer Ramon Sammut from Malta has an Exhibition

Ramon Sammut Photographer SWPP and BPPA member Ramon Sammut started photography with the help of a pro photographer and friend. He studied photography on his own and later he expanded his knowledge in England and the States.

Luckily for him, he started digital manipulations from an early stage, when digital photography was still at its infancy. Such early primitive work pushed Ramon to be the first person in the Maltese islands to find a niche market: that of consulting other fellow photographers as regards to “ the digital way”.

With his main office in the heart of the island of Malta, Ramon works on digital editing, tuition and commercial photography, while offering consultancy and business strategy for newcomers in the digital photographic environment, not solely to his local colleagues but also to established photographers in the UK.

As regards to the artistic side, Ramon’s work is quite unique, producing image compositions his way: the hard way. His developed style, both in editing and in digital tuitions, is very much on demand. His style is also very popular and demanded by his established clientele.

Ramon is a senior image editor/photographer with a difference. His effective style and approach made him successful and is considered as one of the best digital image editors in Malta, where digital monochrome is his speciality that mimics the good old times while flavouring it with today’s technology.

His main customers are photographers, trade companies and agencies with the lust to achieve more in today’s competitive digital world. His fluid approach and technically advanced editing created a distinctive style, which standardised his work and made it Ramon’s patent.

See Ramon’s exhibition at: