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SWPP & BPPA member Alexandra Davies launches new website

I’m pleased to announce the launch of my new site – Alex Davies Photography. The site has a great look and feel which reflects the image of the business. I like to be a little bit different from the norm as you may be able to tell and the beauty of this site is that it’s easy for me to update it regularly with new work when it’s been done. The site also features useful links and a link to my blog.

European photographic lecture tour with SWPP & BPPA member Ryan Schembri

Well bags are packed and the SWPP & BPPA team are ready to set off on their mega European lecture tour with Ryan Schembri

We set of Tuesday and drive from our North Wales HQ to Newcastle to catch a ferry to Norway (about an 18 hour crossing) where we rendezvous with our lecturer Ryan.

From there it is on to Denmark before arriving back in the UK to continue the tour.

Tour dates are:

5 June Stravanger – Norway
8 June Odense, Denmark
12 June Uxbridge, London UK
15 June Red Cow Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
17 June Dunblane Hydro Hotel Stirling – Scotland
18 June Manchester UK
23 June – Thessaloniki, Greece
25 June Cyprus
28 & 29 June – Malta (with Martin Schrembri)

The lectures feature wedding photography with you and energetic lecture Ryan from Australia

Print Competition open for entries

The June competition run by the SWPP & BPPA is now open for entries: Open to members only.

The May competition attracted 1,881 entries a record number so far.


• Wedding Traditional
• Wedding Contemporary
• Bridal Portraiture
• Portraiture Traditional
• Portraiture Contemporary
• Fine Art
• Family Portraitures and Groups
• Environmental Portraiture
• Children
• Pets
• Digital Art
• Commercial
• Fashion and Beauty
• Glamour
• Pictorial
• Monochrome
• Landscape
• Science and Nature
• Wildlife
• Sport
• Press & PR
• Architectural

Members can upload one image to all the categories, those who receive gold go forward to the annual competition and can win the latest digital photographic equipment from a prize pool estimated at £30,000

Recycling is Bad for Your Business – Peter Davey SWPP & BPPA member

Is the bold statement issued today by Peter Davey – Photographer based in Buckinghamshire and former Corporate Marketing and Communications Executive with recycling company Biffa.

“Recycling is bad for your company – when it comes to photography used for your business. Recycling the same images month after month dates your brand and your customers will notice.”

Peter’s vast experience, built up over the last 20 years, brings you both fresh images and marketing communications advice that will benefit any company.

“Like fruit, images are perishable – so keep them fresh!”

Peter added, “And businesses need to remember that, like a shop keeper updates their window so too should any business. Now this applies to your literature, exhibition stands and web site. Basically any image attached to your business needs to reflect the quality of your brand.”


Peter holds a Masters Degree in Marketing, Diploma in Marketing, has over 17 years experience in the waste and recycling sector.

His experience covers Web site design and management H&S Communications, Video / DVD production, conferences, exhibition and divisional marketing.

All on top of his love of photography.

Contact details:

Peter Davey – Office 01494 483215 Mobile 07799885560

Email Web

Jason Pierce-Williams SWPP & BPPA member – wedding

A.J.Williams Photography are a London based two man team who specialise in true reportage style photography. Heavily influenced by the first generation of French and American documentary photographers such as Willy Ronis, Robert Doisneau, Cartier Bresson, Steichen, Steiglitz, Frank and many more, we are committed to keeping the predominantly monochrome, gritty dynamic flame of those early Group f64 and latterly

Magnum schools well and truly burning. Finding that digital noise, if put through the right processes, translates remarkably well into ‘grain’ we are enjoying a tremendous amount of acclaim from our clients and are happy to showcase one particular image from our last wedding, a delightful Humanist event held up on Arthur’s seat, a small loch set into a volcanic, heather strewn crag just outside of Edinburgh.

Pat and Debs, both musicians fronting their own bands, composed their own vows and devotions to one another as well as a song for their new little boy, Johhny. The small gathering, all friends and almost exclusively musicians also, were all collectively named as Johnny’s Godparents. This was a truly remarkable event and one which we were delighted to have covered, particularly since the reception developed into a full blown concert by all the different bands who had all brought their instruments along.

Pat and Debs have received their pictures and are absolutely delighted with them. We leave you with one of those images.

We are A.J.Williams Photography at

Just Married’ Pat and Debs on Arthur’s Seat, Ediburgh, May 24th, 2008.
Image by Jason Pierce-Williams of A.J.Williams Photography.

Black and white image is number one

In a recent SWPP & BPPA Forum competition an image entered by Michelle Newell Photography was voted number one.

The weekly competition entitled ‘Weekly Wedding Competition Week2 – The Boys! – WINNERS!!!!!’ is run exclusively for SWPP & BPPA Forum members who have the opportunity to vote for the favourite image.

SWPP & BPPA member Geoff McGrath introduces Pet Photography

Recently McGrath Photography has expanded its portfolio to include pet photography. Under the name PictureMyPooch, we now top the Google Search results for “pet photography in Co. Down.”

The site is still under construction at the moment but on the 6th September 2008 we will undertake a considerable project as photographers of choice for the Dog’s Trust Open Day & Fun Dog Show, in Ballymena, County. Antrim. We look forward to seeing you there!

SWPP & BPPA member Graham Coleman launches new site

Bristol-based photographer, Graham Coleman LBIPP,LRPS, LBPPA, has recently launched ‘ the online picture gallery’. Apart from serving as a promotional tool for the Graham’s own landscape photography, 2ndsite also sets out to showcase local talent (to Bristol & the Southwest) with two gallery pages devoted to guest photographers and guest artists. The site is currently displaying work by Bristol Photographer Martin Edwards, and paintings by surrealist, Jon Paul of Bristol. Graham is hoping to add work by a new photographer or artist each month.
There are three galleries of landscape images by the photographer himself, under the headings ‘World Images’, ‘Beautiful Britain’ and ‘Pictures of Bristol’. Graham currently sells his ‘Pictures of Bristol’ photographs as limited edition prints and photographic greetings cards in a number of shops and galleries across the city.
Graham is on the look out for new talent to show on the site, although at the moment not with the intention of selling ‘guests’ work from the site, this might be a possibility in the future! If you have a body of work which you think would be suitable, and you’re based Bristol/Southwest or subject matter relates to Bristol/Southwest, please get in touch with Graham from the 2ndsite contacts page (BUT PLEASE DO NOT SEND IMAGES WITH OUT AGREEMENT!)

SWPP & BPPA member David Price NHS Commission May 2008

One job that really sticks in my mind from last year was the commission to work in Nepal documenting the charitable work of David Jennings and his company, UAP Ltd. Simply put it was a great experience; one I will never forget, and the people I met on my travels have really made a lasting impact on me.

Lady luck shone down on me again recently when I was approached by Richard Lynch, Head of Marketing & Communications, at The Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery NHS Trust, a specialist neurosciences hospital in Liverpool. I originally met Richard through my work with David Jennings, and he told me how much he liked my photographs, especially my portraiture work.

Inspired, in part, by my hands and feet gallery, Richard decided he’d like to capture a set of memorable images of the hospital’s patients, volunteers, fundraisers and the extraordinary people who work there. Richard wanted me to capture not just their faces, but also their hands too.

My brief was to capture the head and hands of the 50 people who agreed to be photographed. The images were to be used as the main focus for the Walton Centre’s important Annual Report and Accounts document, and also for the hospital’s web site, newsletters and campaign marketing materials.

In addition, the finished job would give the Trust a comprehensive library of stock images to use for years to come. There is also some dicussion about a touring exhibition, a calendar and the production of a huge banner on the façade of the hospital using one of the images taken.

I made it clear to Richard that this would be a dream job for me, and gave a great deal of thought into the appropriate creative style and treatment for the job. I also decided to employ a photographic assistant to help me, so I asked photographer Don Tonge to help me out. Don’s input proved invaluable.

The photography sessions ran like clockwork, and the models were a real pleasure to work with. I have rarely met such an interesting and intelligent bunch of people in my life. I actually spent more time in post-production than on image capture, but I am delighted with the finished job, and would change not one thing about the assignment.

Richard, helped by his personal assistant, Pat Toole, managed a well-organised and disciplined timetable, which gave me 45 minutes with each model, enough time to build a good rapport and capture the shots I’d visualised. Richard was a great client to work for; he trusted me to deliver the goods and left me to get on with the job!

I was a little apprehensive about working with so many well-qualified and specialist medical people, but I needn’t have worried. Everyone who took part, took part willingly and more than did their bit to ensure the shoot went well. I was subsequently given an aditional day to produce images of surgeons performing brain surgery on a patient in theatre; a truly amazing experience.