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Martin Baynes


Martin Baynes career in Photography started at Wigan Technical College where he learnt all that film & 5x4 cameras demanded. His first paid role as an assistant photographer built on this knowledge and enabled him able to travel for six years as a ships photographer which took him around the world 3 times by the age of 22.

By the end of his tenure he had not only met his wife to be, but was running the labs, sales and photography team on three cruise ships in the fleet.

The next chapter helped his passion for sales to mature quickly using the high pressure sales and negotiation techniques required in the highly competitive world of industrial maintenance chemicals when working for an American company in this sector.

On his return to the UK both the skill sets of photography and sales found him a job working for the then largest UK supplier of photographic presentation products. Over the next 12 years with this company, Martin progressed through a number of roles, including software support (for the very first album design software) right up to General Sales Manager responsible for all external sales and customer service.

In such a small industry he had met and chatted to Jeremy Price the MD of Graphistudio UK at various events, awards ceremonies and exhibitions and whilst initially one of the sceptics he quickly realised that the future of albums was Graphistudio’s way, this has proven to be the case as Graphistudios lay flat album has been copied by everyone else and is now the norm of the industry. With 10 years as Sales and Marketing Director for Graphistudio UK & Ireland, Martin is still as excited as when he joined due to the continual leaps forward both in products and the technology that Graphistudio continue to develop and adopt on what seems like a monthly basis.


Jeremy Price founded Graphistudio in the UK back in 1999 when digital cameras were all but non existent. Having a senior sales and marketing background with several global household brand names behind him, Jeremy saw a great new innovation in albums with the lay flat book invented by Graphistudio.

Jeremy researched the UK & Ireland Wedding market and set out to Launch Graphistudio in the UK. Travelling the country with the Original Wedding book, visiting photographers and associations to show this new concept it was at first treated with scepticism by the market place. In that time of film, many took a lot of convincing but the early adopters soon realised the huge potential for profit that the Graphistudio Wedding Books gave them.

During this time direct marketing to wedding couples using the skills of his previous careers through creating advertising campaigns, extensive PR and even exhibiting National Wedding shows he convinced brides to go in and ask photographers for a Graphistudio album as part of their wedding day. As time passed and technology improved and Graphistudio continued to go from strength to strength with new ideas, new processes and adopting techniques years before others even considered them Jeremy built a strong UK team to handle training, customer service and all aspects to help UK & Ireland photographers achieve their goals.

Seminars presented by Martin:

  1. Print for Profit - Sales is not a dirty word - Friday 12th

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