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Sanjay Jogia

Sanjay and his wife Roshni Jogia run a successful luxury destination wedding photography business based in London, and has been recently featured as one of the 6 Best Wedding Photographers in the World by Professional Photographer Magazine alongside Joe Buissink, Susan Stripling & Yervant.

Sanjay was brought up with a culture of photography with his father working at the local Kodak factory for 35 years as well as Sanjay working in the factory as a student himself making 35mm film. A combination of this constant photographic environment and Sanjay's own creative and technical curiosity means Sanjay is self-taught and began developing his own style from a young age.

He studied Architecture at the University of Bath all the while integrating his love of photography with his presentation techniques. Having qualified as an Architect, Sanjay draws many comparisons between photography and his Architectural background with imagination, creativity, light, composition, space, aesthetics and surface being the common to both disciplines.

“With photography I can fulfil my creative and aesthetic hunger with my technical (geeky) side instantaneously. I get immense satisfaction out of creating something that a Bride & Groom will cherish with pride knowing I rose to that particular challenge, be it creative, technical or just overcoming a time restricted situation (or all of the above). My approach is a blend of fashion & movie inspired imagery for my portraits using considered lighting & posing techniques paired with an unobtrusive documentary approach for everything else giving our couples the best of both worlds. But it's not all about style… it's also about experience, mentality, mind-set and attitude... Something I'll cover in the seminars”

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Seminars presented by Sanjay:

  1. Evolve or Evaporate - Friday 12th
  2. Refine the Pose - Define the Light - Saturday 13th

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