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Richard P Walton

Richard has been taking photographs professionally for around twelve years. During this time he has been on a journey to discover the artist within.

He has always had a passion for creating original photographs that come from his own visions and ideas. He wants to push his own limits as a photographer and push his clients limits, giving them an experience they will never forget whilst making them feel good about themselves.

Richard has been fortunate to travel the world taking photographs and teaching other photographers. He wants to help people understand that it is O.K to be an individual in this world.Photography gives him a reason, a purpose and a great excuse to do the things he wants to do in life, it has lead him to amazing places and introduced him to some amazing people.

The limitless nature of photography drives Richard, like a drug, it is an addiction, he can’t quit, it’s endless possibilities mean he can never get bored, never reach the top, it’s always evolving and opening his mind.

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Seminars presented by Richard P:

  1. Judging Round Table Discussion - Friday 12th
  2. Location Fashion - Saturday 13th

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