Risky Business

Presented by Angela Adams

Subject: Health & Safety Non Photography Beginner
Day: Friday 12th Jan 2018
Time: 11.00 to 13.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Angela Adams in room : Tower-Waterloo Room - Mezzanine Floor Blue Feet

Do you manage your business safely? Sadly, many businesses leave the implementation of Health and Safety and risk assessments until its too late i.e when a serious accident has already happened.

What would it mean to you and your business if either an employee or a client had an accident on your premises, or during your fieldtrip or workshop? Think about both moral and legal implications to those who are injured, their personal costs, pain and suffering, plus the effect on colleagues, friends and family. If it's shown the accident was due to a failure to manage safely, the regulator may take action. Why put yourself at risk?

This Masterclass will walk you through the process of assessing risk for you and your business. You will learn: what risk is, what a risk assessment is and how risk assessments are can be carried out. You will take part in the five-step process of identifying hazards, estimating risk, evaluating risk, how to record and review your findings. Understand the difference between criminal law and civil action and learn how to implement the Do, Check, Act, Plan process in your business.

Why would you not want to equip yourself with the tools to start managing safely in your workplace? This is not an IOSH qualified course, that takes a lot more time, involvement and assessment. This Masterclass will lay the foundations to assist you with not only managing safely, but working safely - you'll leave with a different perspective on the world we live in - and with skills which are transferable and essential to us all.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Learn how to manage your business safely now - it's too late when a serious accident has occurred
2. Learn how to create risk assessments for your studio and each genre of photography you shoot
3. Learn how to create risk assessments for location shoots/training
4. Learn the five-step process of identifying hazards
5. Learn how to estimate and evaluate risk, then record and review your findings

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