Getting Comfortable with Up-selling


Presented by Ketan Amin

Subject: Business Upselling Advance
Day: Thursday 11th Jan 2018
Time: 10.00 to 12.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Ketan Amin in room : Hilton Meeting Rooms 7-9 Orange Feet

Ketan, a second generation photographer, has previously delivered an informative Masterclass on the ins and outs of Asian Wedding Photography.

Over the years, he has gotten to learn that photographers are uniquely positioned to make money before the wedding and even after! Most other wedding supplier's income ends with the order. So this time round, his lively and interactive talk will centre more on creative up-selling, the non-aggressive, non-hardselling way.

Ketan will share tips and tricks on how he prepares his clients to want to invest more after the event and how they happily do so. He will share the various elements he puts in place to make the up-sell process very comfortable.

As a bonus, Ketan will also share how by simply using timing tricks, you can end up with more money in your pocket, without the client spending an extra penny.

Up-selling is not a task. It is a process. This talk aims to equip you with easy to use elements to practice your up-selling and hopefully leave you with more money in your packet after every shoot.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Understand the range of products and services you can up sell
2. Understand the various opportunities to up sell throughout the relationship
3. Understand how to manage your client’s expectations regarding their investment in your products and services
4. Learn the baby steps to building confidence in up selling, anytime, anywhere
5. Bonus - how to time your product orders to make more money without charging your clients extra

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