Finding Your Business Voice


Presented by Catherine Connor

Subject: Business Motivational Intermediate
Day: Saturday 13th Jan 2018
Time: 09.00 to 11.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Catherine Connor in room : Hilton Meeting Rooms B Orange Feet

It’s becoming more and more relevant to refine the way you market your business. Your business voice has to be engaging, emotional, conversational and yet authentic to the brand and style of photography you serve. How the business speaks and sounds will certainly have an impact on how the consumer engages with you. This is all about influencing your success and the speed in which you grow your business.

Marketing is an arty science! Join Catherine Connor for a detailed and formative insight into business language, sound and appearance. Discover how to market your photography more effectively, making your style and approach differentiate you from the crowd

You will leave this workshop enlightened and informed, Catherine Connor is a highly motivational speaker, with a generous approach to knowledge sharing. This session is designed for all levels of photographers as it’s all about being in business and refining how your business speaks.

We will explore
The power of brand attraction
Language and the power of the word
How to sell all that you do more emotionally
How to engage with the consumer and your marketing approaches far more effectively

If you are serious about business you will be seriously interested in this session. It’s a business owners essential!

Sponsored by One Vision Imaging Ltd and Aspire Photography Training

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Aspire Photography Training

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Do you want to find your voice, an authentic a voice that's right for you the type of client you want to attract? The most important factors to your success this year will be your imagery and wording. Too many photographers don't give enough consideration to how both these elements have an incredible impact in the growth and reach of their photography business.

Five reasons to attend this class:

1. You can't afford to stride backwards, you can't afford to be too casual with the dialogue which you use to build the business

2. One of the significant changes in how we market is voice, your sound if you want to change and improve the marketing engagement of your business think voice. You will learn all of the important words and how to use them

3. You want to stand out from the crowd; you want to compete in an ever developing market place. A marketplace that is packed with attractive businesses, beautiful brands, beautiful photography but the emotional connection is weak. If your business is not performing now is the time to change

4. Are you inspired by your own business? If you want to learn all about how to connect and communicate now might be the time to allocate space for some motivational development

5. If you love being in business you will love this session, it's designed to further inspire the determined. Catherine’s contagious passion for business will ensure your mojo is in place and that you’re inspired for whatever the year ahead throws at you.

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