So you want to be a Wedding Photographer (Are you mad?!)


Presented by Louie Donovan

Subject: Wedding Technique Beginner
Day: Sunday 14th Jan 2018
Time: 15.30 to 17.30 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Louie Donovan in room : Hilton Meeting Rooms 13-17 Orange Feet

Do you often get told that being a wedding photographer is cool and easy money? Are they serious?

If you are reading this you probably have a burning passion for photography and what better way to celebrate that passion than to pour it into an all-consuming Wedding Photography business?Louie, from award winning Louie Donovan Photography which was established over ten years ago, will not only be talking about her journey on the road to becoming a successful Wedding Photographer but will also cover: The struggles, the failures, the success’s and the passage of learning and growing to become an established Wedding Photographer.

Louie will also be showing some of her most recent award winning work and interestingly, some of her very early work, whilst embarking on a career in Wedding Photography. She will share images she would rather not show anyone ever again, to show everyone how she started and where she is today.There will be an opportunity to view some actual album books from real Weddings and also to have a piece of your work critiqued.

Louie will give advice on the following:
•The 3 best and worst things about being a Wedding Photographer.
•Learning your craft, composition, basic posing techniques and how being a member of a Society benefits your business and helps you to grow as a photographer.
•Starting out, what do you really need to get started? (Equipment and understanding it)
•Creating a strategy.
•Marketing, how to get that first important paid job.
•Advertising, should we spend money on it?
•What to do when meeting a client and the expectations they have.
•How to organise your wedding day shooting.
•How to price yourself.
•A personal insight into the mistakes made and how they have contributed to Louie’s succ.

Sponsored by Loxley Colour

Loxley Colour

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Learn the true meaning of being a Wedding Photographer
2. Have all those niggling questions in the back of your mind answered
3. How to get over the disappointments, celebrate wins, and learn from them
4. How to find your passion and run with it
5. See the real person behind the camera who will share truths, struggles and success’

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