At the Going Down of the Sun

Presented by Marko Dutka

Subject: Inspirational Motivational Beginner
Day: Sunday 14th Jan 2018
Time: 10.00 to 12.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Marko Dutka in room : Hilton Meeting Rooms 13-17 Orange Feet

We become Photographers because primarily we are artists. The day-to-day running of our businesses is to done to generate the wage that we all need to live on. However as Photographic artists our hidden, real passion is the creation of our imagery and our personal projects are where our hearts lie.

Marko is just such a photographer who lives to improve their photography through their personal work. In 2014 he started a project photographing War Graves, War Memorials and urban sites that are a lasting memory of the conflicts that our country has been involved in. Marko took the unusual approach of photographing these sites at night. Not only did this allow him to create surreal, romantic and innovative imagery but it also gave him the opportunity to investigate how society deals with the death and loss that war creates.

In 2018 this will be a major three-month exhibition installed throughout Bristol Cathedral on 25 6ft wide panels. It is the Cathedral’s major commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One.

As well as talking about his inspirations and the concepts behind the images the talk Marko will also discuss the technical difficulties inherent to this subject and will outline the techniques used to produce high quality and innovative imagery.

Marko will discuss how to approach, interest and grow a successful relationship with major organisations. I now work with a variety of bodies including the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and have sponsorship from Loxley Colour and The Flash Centre for the final exhibition.

Illustrated throughout with the images the seminar is also an invaluable guide to how to take a personal idea and turn it into a commercial and artistic success. In turn I will outline how this idea has led to a major national and international commission.What started out as a personal project has changed the way that Marko’s business runs and opened up areas of photography and markets for my images that previously he could only dream of.

Topics covered. Personal Development. Documentary. Inspiration. Landscape photography.

Sponsored by Loxley Colour and The Flash Centre.

Loxley Colour

The Flash Centre

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Discover the completely different and relatively unexplored world of nocturnal photography with its ability to provide you with innovative, eerie, sublime and very beautiful imagery
2. Learn about the technical difficulties that you will face and learn how to fully exploit your camera to overcome them
3. Learn what it takes to conceive, create and generate the £30,000 necessary for a large-scale independent project of this nature
4. Learn how to encourage major international organisations to take notice of you and to actively want to help you exhibit in a 1000 year old Grade One Cathedral
5. Learn how to use creative projects like this to expand your profile and create new international commissions of the kind of work you really want to do.

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