Time to Play on the Wedding Day Part Two

Presented by Robert Evans

Subject: Wedding Workflow Intermediate
Day: Friday 12th Jan 2018
Time: 16.00 to 18.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Robert Evans in room : Tower-Waterloo Room - Mezzanine Floor Blue Feet

Robert Evans will walk you through his wedding day workflow from the bride and groom getting ready to the cutting their wedding cake. Robert will break down the entire day, hour by hour walking you through how he thinks and what he shoots in a typical 9-10 hour wedding day. Things learned will include how Robert breaks down family groups to speed up the process and get through family and bridal party picture more efficiently, how to anticipate and capture emotional candid imagery throughout the day and how Robert becomes the second shooter at his weddings allowing himself to capture creative artistic wedding imagery that he otherwise may not as the first shooter.

Robert will cover shooting for yourself at the wedding and finding your personal style and using those unique traits to help define who you are as a photographer and how you set yourself apart from your peers. Robert will show you how he approaches the day looking for and capturing emotional moments along with photographing family and bridal party portraits, first look, ceremony, details and décor, and what he likes to photograph during the cocktail hour and finally the party.

Robert will show you images of one wedding section by section so you can see an entire day pictorial from on couples wedding day. Seeing the images from one wedding day helps you not only mentally understand but visually as well.

The idea is to create a visual story that can now be laid out in an album. Telling a story and just taking pictures are two different things. Those who tell stories through their images will sell more albums and other products once the wedding day is over. Robert will talk about how he sells books to 100% of his clients.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Do you shoot what you want or do you shoot what you get? This class will teach you how to shoot more images that excite you at the end of the day
2. Do you shoot for yourself or more for your client? This class will teach you how to shoot for yourself while still making your client happy
3. How much time do you usually get to take pictures with your couples is it stressful or relaxed? How to spend time with your couples, their families, and bridal party prior to the wedding, capturing great moments and creating beautiful images in a fun relaxed environment
4. Robert will teach you what 30 minutes of the day produces the most emotional imagery and is his favourite 30 minutes on the wedding day
5. Robert will talk about how he rarely uses flash his weddings, including inside a church and during the reception

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