Tips to Capture a Powerful Wedding Day Story


Presented by Vagelis Giotopoulos

Subject: Wedding Photojournalism Intermediate
Day: Saturday 13th Jan 2018
Time: 16.30 to 18.30 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Vagelis Giotopoulos in room : Hilton Meeting Rooms 7-12 Orange Feet

Vagelis says ‘I consider the wedding day to be a life document and not a fashion event. This point of view gives me the true inspiration and will, that contribute to the desired result.’The attendees of this Masterclass will be able to digest this specific perspective.

The main goal of this way of capturing the wedding day's story is to capture the emotional moments the family atmosphere and the intense feelings between the groom and the bride. The main tip of wedding photojournalism is that there are no tips. There is no certain way of taking photos.

Come and join Vagelis as he explores wedding photojournalism and explains how he creates memorable images for his clients to treasure forever.

Sponsored by Fujifilm


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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. I would like to share my 34 years of experience with everybody
2. Fall in love with your photography
3. Attending photography classes can help everybody
4. Learn how I use a Fuji mirrorless camera
5. Constructive Critique (For me and also the audience)

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