Running a Successful Home Based Studio


Presented by David Hakamaki

Subject: Portrait Technique Beginner
Day: Thursday 11th Jan 2018
Time: 10.00 to 12.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker David Hakamaki in room : Hilton Meeting Rooms 13-15 Orange Feet

The statistics do not lie. There are now more home based photographers than "brick and mortar" studios. With camera equipment more readily obtainable than ever, established photographers are finding it difficult to maintain a traditional studio or are moving back into their homes. By operating out of your home, photographers are faced with a whole new set of issues that make it difficult to attract customers and make your studio look “professional”.

Photography conferences are being flooded with new and existing photographers that are trying to find the secrets to success. The big question being asked by the majority of home photographers is, "In today’s difficult economy, can I make a home based photography studio successful"? A successful photography business requires knowledge of BOTH photography and business. You will look at your studio objectively and determine what its strengths and weaknesses are and how to maximize your strengths and minimize those weaknesses. By using smart business tactics, you will soon be aggressively competing against established studios and turning heads. No secret formulas, no sales pitches and no bull.

David Hakamaki operates a very successful full-time home based studio in rural Michigan in the United States. He faced those same issues as other home based photographers, but by taking those challenges and using them to his advantage, his home studio is now a highly desirable studio in his region. Long gone are worries of how to attract clients, juggle a different job or where the next job will come from. David uses his background in the business world to show you how his studio has gained national attention, as well as how he uses unconventional marketing, session and sales techniques to be a desirable studio in his economically depressed area.

As a special addition, David will show you how he juggles a full time studio with family life in a very unique and humorous way. David's presentation will get personal as he shows how his photography studio has morphed into a peaceful coexistence with his wife and 4 children. Tips on making your home studio look professional, separating the props from the toys, dual utilization of rooms/spaces and the art of conducting a successful sales session in your home will create a learning environment for anyone wanting to turn the corner and make their home studio successful.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Know optimal and effective ways of setting up a home studio, so it looks more like a business and less like a home
2. Create a professional environment that makes clients more comfortable
3. Learn the pitfalls and stumbling blocks photographers encounter when running a home based studio
4. Take advantage of your home based studio by separating yourself from competitors and creating a boutique experience
5. Maximize your sales and profits by running a home based studio

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