The Classic Headshot - A Modern Interpretation of This Traditional Skill


Presented by Gary Hill, Cass Davies

Subject: Lighting Posing Beginner
Day: Saturday 13th Jan 2018
Time: 09.00 to 11.00 - Masterclass
Main Speakers Gary Hill, Cass Davies
Gary Hill, Cass Davies in room : Regent's Room - Mezzanine Floor Blue Feet

Is the art of the headshot being lost in this digital age? Have the classics been forgotten in our instant selfie era? The classical headshot is the benchmark of any photographer but, how many can actually produce the goods?

The art of rembrandt, loop and butterfly lighting techniques, and the ability to select the right one to suit the right face is one thing that differentiates the professional photographer from the button pusher who 'snaps' images.

Knowing how to structure the light, mold it to suit the sitter, and how that then translates to produce the timeless images which sell and sit upon the walls for years to come. To stay within the classics and not get bogged down by the latest trend allows the production of images which command a higher sales value in the way that they are not disposable when the decor or trend changes.

This is an informative class where you see the headshot being created, utilising simple but very effective techniques that are customisable and repeatable in any studio or location The one light portrait, the short light, the clamshell, the hair light and the separation light will all be shown in a way that attendees will feel confident they can replicate and in turn produce the classical portraits so loved by customers.

Positions, metering, grey card and its use for white balance will all be shown, as well as techniques for masculine and feminine subjects. A one stop shop on how to make the headshot that sells, for portraits, commercial, child and model portfolios. Create a staple income for your studio that sets you apart from the local competition following the fads.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Bring in a separate clientele - tap into a profitable niche market
2. Business, actors, e-commerce, dating sites - the how to of each genre
3. Pose Light Refine - live shoot
4. Sell, sell, sell, products marketing & specifications
5. Shooting an agency starter portfolio - debunking the myths & getting it right

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