The language of LGBTQ Love


Presented by Emma Joanne

Subject: Wedding Portrait Beginner
Day: Sunday 14th Jan 2018
Time: 13.00 to 15.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Emma Joanne in room : Chelsea-Richmond Room - Mezzanine Floor Blue Feet

The LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transexual, Queer) wedding market is a defined niche with its own set of rules, criteria & challenges. However there is very little to guide us on capturing same sex weddings with our only common reference being conventional, straight marriage. Therefore to be successful in this highly profitable area of weddings, requires an awareness and understanding of the needs of same sex / gender fluid couples, who in short expect nothing less than a premium / forward thinking service, free from typical traditional wedding protocol.

Following the legalisation of Gay marriage in (to date) 25 countries worldwide, we have an exciting opportunity to bend, break & cast aside the steadfast traditions of a typical westernised white wedding & bring forth a more modern approach to photographing the union of couples in love, regardless of sexual or gender orientation.

In this informative and lively seminar, you will receive more than just an insight into the expertise of LGBTQ weddings and come away with the understanding of what steps you need to take, to win the confidence of your prospective couples & secure their business.

We will have an open and honest discussion on the required etiquette and language to use when consulting your clients, before delving into clear marketing strategies that work, including the all important issue of how to pose / not to pose a same sex couple.

So if you ever have considered specialising or adding this subject to your own current wedding expertise, join Emmajoanne in this informative left of centre Masterclass to working with modern LGBTQ couples, who don't necessarily fit the 'traditional' wedding mould.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Come to the ONLY seminar on same sex weddings at SWPP 2018
2. Hear all about tried & tested marketing methods for this profitable wedding niche that work
3. Learn a new language - LGBTQ including how to communicate with your clients to win them over
4. Discover natural posing techniques for same sex couples that suit your clients
5. Break out of the mould and break into new ground on how you think, see and shoot weddings

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Convention testimonials It was an amazing week full of inspiring seminars and wonderful discoveries at the convention. And then it was an unbelievable Sunday evening!:)) It's still hard to believe it was not a dream :) Sincere thanks for everything! Viktorija

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