Refine the Pose - Define the Light


Presented by Sanjay Jogia

Subject: Posing Hands On Advance
Day: Saturday 13th Jan 2018
Time: 14.00 to 18.00 - Superclass
Main Speaker Sanjay Jogia in room : Clarence Room - Mezzanine Floor Blue Feet

It's not always necessary to have dozens of poses and lighting setups at each wedding, and we should always favour quality over quantity. Sometimes you just need to know how to create and refine a handful of beautiful, elegant and effective poses to a very high standard with emotion and then shape the light to perfect it.

A great pose with bad light will look unflattering and will ruin your photos and, since lighting and posing go hand in hand. We will have a live shoot to show how we can invent creative, interesting and beautiful poses in-situ using a step by step process and craft suitable light with it whether it's with flash, continuous or available light and we'll throw a touch of emotion in the mix for good measure.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Learn how to craft beautiful and elegant posing with simple and effective direction
2. I will show you how good lighting and posing need to work hand in hand
3. I will demonstrate lighting techniques using flash and continuous lighting as well as how to modify your lighting to create drama and intensity in camera
4. Learn how to refine your posing to perfect your images
5. We will discuss what Print Judges look for in posing and lighting to help elevate your images

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