Creative Lighting and Posing at Weddings


Presented by Steven Neeson

Subject: Wedding Lighting Intermediate
Day: Friday 12th Jan 2018
Time: 08.30 to 10.30 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Steven Neeson in room : Tower-Waterloo Room - Mezzanine Floor Blue Feet

Steven believes that two of the most important factors you must have confidence in on a wedding day are lighting and posing. If the lighting is wrong your picture is ruined, sometimes beyond repair in post production. If the posing is wrong it can result in your subject looking disproportionate or unlike themselves. Lighting and posing can be a little daunting to get your head around, but once you have a few helpful hints to draw on while shooting you can tackle any situation. This Masterclass on lighting and posing at weddings will give an insight into his thought process when guiding his subjects in a number of scenarios.

Steven wants to portray how important the relationship between good lighting and posing is. Being known for his use of off camera flash Steven will delve deeper into the many techniques he has learned from using an array of different lighting sources. He will touch on how to create dramatic and cinematic images from start to finish on a wedding day. He will give a quick run down of the equipment needed to achieve these images. Steven has perfected his process on how to gain the optimal exposure for your camera and flash. In addition to this he will impart the knowledge he has acquired over his career on making the most of natural light in a number of different scenarios. Taking a look at sunlight, cloudy overcast days, winter light versus summer sun, Steven’s talk will touch on all of this, giving an all round view into lighting and using the light you have to your benefit.

In addition to showing the importance of perfect lighting Steven will implement all of what he has learned in his career around posing a subject, showing how to place different body shapes in a number of different poses and how to pose in relation to the light source. If you can crack both of these elements in relation to your environment you will take beautiful pictures every time.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Learn how to relate light, subject and pose effortlessly
2. Learn the easy steps to set your exposure with flash, in seconds
3. Learn how to think creatively
4. Learn Steven’s secrets into evoking emotion
5.You will be inspired to be the best you can be

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