Demystifying the Networking Maze


Presented by Lisa North

Subject: Networking Business Beginner
Day: Sunday 14th Jan 2018
Time: 15.30 to 17.30 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Lisa North in room : St James' Room - Mezzanine Floor Blue Feet

We all know personal recommendation is one of the best ways to gain new business. In today’s world, it is all too easy to focus our efforts on social media activity, as it feels easier to do, and potentially reaches more people. Networking face-to-face is daunting for many, and boring for some, but Lisa can vouch personally for its effectiveness as a business growth tool. There is one big misconception about networking – it is NOT a place to sell your wares. It is a place to develop both business relationships and friendships.

So where do you start? Which meetings do you go to? How often? What do you say to people? Lisa asked herself all these questions when she started her first business in 2000. It was in a very different field of work to photography, but what she learnt about successful networking then has been applied with ease to her current business. That’s the thing about networking – it doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, you can still use it successfully to grow your business.

This Masterclass will give you the help you need to begin or improve your networking. Packed with confidence building hints and tips, it will also give practical information on what meetings and groups to consider joining. Find out how to write the perfect Elevator Pitch, how to choose the best groups) to join and how to develop a great relationship with other members of your group. The world of self-employment can be very lonely. Imagine a room full of sounding boards, and even just a hug when times get tough. Recommendations come naturally when you have had time to get to know your fellow networkers. Networking takes time but it’s worth it. If you don’t go you’ll never know.

Lisa is an avid networker, belonging to several local and national groups. She also gives presentations at these meetings, welcomes new members, and has set up and run networking groups for ladies in business. Today recommendations form the backbone of her established photography business in Norfolk. Come to this Masterclass and find out how to increase your recommendations, make friends and return the favour to others in your circle of contacts.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Why learning & developing good networking skills can open doors for you and your business
2. How to choose the best networking group to join
3. How to prepare for that first meeting
4. Learn how to create an effective ‘Elevator pitch’ – how to introduce yourself for maximum effect
5. Why a consistent networking approach can pay the greatest dividends for you and your business

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