Costumes and Props on a Small Budget


Presented by Nedine O'Brien

Subject: Creative Portrait Intermediate
Day: Saturday 13th Jan 2018
Time: 11.30 to 13.30 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Nedine O'Brien in room : Belgrave Suite - Mezzanine Floor Blue Feet

Join Nedine for this interactive Masterclass where delegates follow her through the process that she uses to come up with ideas for a shoot. You will then look at how to decide on poses and what props would be needed to help tell the story. You will also discuss the colour palette and location and how they are used to enhance the mood of the image. Nedine will provide delegates with guidance on the sort of training courses needed to gain some of the non photography skills they may lack. Delegates would find it helpful to bring a laptop or tablet with internet access along with a notebook and pen.

Sponsored by One Vision Imaging Ltd

One Vision Imaging Ltd

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Using your Laptop / tablet I'll show you how and where I find inspiration. Doing things hands on will help you get a feel for the method I utilise and help you remember it. You may be surprised at the rabbit holes you may fall down
2. Poses and location have a large influence on the final feel of the image. We'll discuss how different poses can help or hinder the story you're trying to tell. Picking a location and different methods for doing so will be discussed
3. We'll also discuss symbolism and how you can incorporate a story with in a story
4. Colour has long been used to indicate mood and emotion. We'll discuss how to go about using colour in your images
5. Finally, We'll discuss what other skills you may need besides just the photography, to keep your budget down by making your own props and costumes

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