Create your Creativity


Presented by Malou Reedorf

Subject: Creative Technique Beginner
Day: Thursday 11th Jan 2018
Time: 13.00 to 15.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Malou Reedorf in room : Hilton Meeting Rooms 13-15 Orange Feet

Time after time, we hear that "creativity is not something that you can learn. It is a talent you have". Malou Reedorf says differently!

In this Masterclass, Malou gives us the tools to start from scratch and create our own creativity that might not have been there before. She shows us how to overcome challenges of missing inspiration and gives exercises to kick-start our imagination.This talk is based on her passion for giving the costumer more than just the photo. It is about giving them the experience of being a model. Even though she talks from a background of fashion creative, photography can and should go into all aspects of being a photographer. This technique can be used for weddings, newborn, student pictures and even boudoir/nude art. Creativity is not restricted to one genre of photography and as photographers, which are dependent on our customers; we realize that it is new times out there. We cannot rely on the same style and technique we have used for the last 20 years.

The times have changed and so have our customers. To maintain market share, we as photographers have to evolve so we can fight selfies and compete with our competitors. Our task is to create a new need and thereby a new product that we can offer to our customers that they are unable to copy.

Malou goes through the whole process of creating the idea, post processing and finally selling it to costumers. This Masterclass will contain the secrets of creating the idea out of thin air, how to create the props you need to make different pictures (when you are on a budget). Finally, she will show her amazing creations so you can get an idea of how she incorporated all of this into her pictures, style and the magazine covers that she shoots.

All her passion for inspiring photography went in to her newest book and as the editor of FierceOmag; she is inviting all the most creative minds to feature in the magazine, where she keeps on learning more about this amazing world and is getting inspired every day.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Learn how to start being creative even if you do not think you have it in you
2.You have seen amazing pictures on Facebook and Instagram and are wondering how they come up with the universes they have
3. If you love wild make-up and want to learn how to incorporate into your photos and make it your style.
4. Did the passion vanish and the work take over? Listen to a story about how to really find yourself through photography and come back to your passion.
5. If you love looking at creative and inspiring pictures that are full of life and passion

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