Understanding RAW!


Presented by Ramon Sammut

Subject: Digital Technique Beginner
Day: Friday 12th Jan 2018
Time: 13.30 to 15.30 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Ramon Sammut in room : Chelsea-Richmond Room - Mezzanine Floor Blue Feet

This class is a complete guide through camera raw both beginners and advanced photographers.Come along to this step by step 2 hour process to learn how to achieve your best output from your raw capture.

Nowadays camera raw isn’t a simple plugin just to open and convert data into images. It is the base of every professional photograph. The more one understands camera raw, the better the rendered output. An in depth study in camera raw will portray high end results before the actual editing starts.

Many professional editors suggest that by controlling the pre adjustments in camera raw will actually improve the overall camera's output, hence camera raw adjustments will highly contribute to the overall final results. Problems like noise, tone adjustment, proper white balance, lens fringing and chromatic problems will all be fixed in the raw pre program. The result is a clean improved image which will be ready for further image enhancement due to improved bit data.

Ramon will guide you through these important camera raw steps.

The lecture will feature white balance, camera and lens profile adjustments, smart pre sharpening, noise control, synchronised dust cleanup, camera raw smart object masking and much, much more.

Ramon will show the attendees a complete guide in understanding colour control, temperature flavouring(warm and cool situations), highs, mids and shadows. Ramon will also show an in depth gradation control guide using parametric adjustments and manual old school dodge and burn techniques.

This lecture features:

White Balance - Understanding white balance and easy grey pick up techniques in order to find a neutral tonal range within the picture
Parametric Adjustments - Fixing area tones, high lights, midtowns and shadow areas
Colour and exposure control - Overall light and colour balance through the basic but important sliders
Lens attributes - Overall improvements in problematic barrel distortions, chromatic aberrations, lens fringing, edge and pre sharpening techniques, haze and clarity control
Pre set guides and auto sync - Before and after presets and auto synchronisations to improve one workflow and control
Cropping and straightening - Pre sizing in raw and a complete auto guide for straightening photos
Advanced camera raw masking - A highly improved method of auto masking using smart objects in camera raw
Outputting - Straight pre batch jpeg outputs with automatic adjustments and cropping

Naturally as always Ramon will be sending free notes to all his attendees.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Fixing white balance and adjusting temperature according to the photograph
2. Improve your maximum highlights midtowns and shadows
3. Complete tonal range fixing tutorial in camera raw
4. Improving mid tone high pass and fixing lens attributes through sharpening according to subject (portrait and landscape)
5. Mastering smart object and masks through raw

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