Long Life to the Pets


Presented by Kristina Zambrano

Subject: Pet Portrait Intermediate
Day: Thursday 11th Jan 2018
Time: 16.00 to 18.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Kristina Zambrano in room : Hilton Meeting Rooms 16-17 Orange Feet

During this class you will learn how to take your photography to the 4-legged member of the family, whether they bark, purr, hop, or roll in a ball around the house, the yard, the park or anywhere in your daily life. How just a simple set up can ended up in a master piece of art that will be cherished forever, whether outdoors, on location or in a studio.

Part I –
The Essentials
Cameras & Lenses Lighting (Articial, Natural, Portable)
Tricks, stes and props
Preparation before the Session
Grooming (Basic Info) Safety Tips

Part II –
The Photo Session (Demo)
Location or Studio
The Pet
Photographing Pets
Frame Angles for Pet Portraiture * Live Demo + Videos *

Part III –
Pets in Detail and Post Production
Puppies and Adult Dogs
Kittens and Adult Cats
Small Pets and Rodents (Hamsters, Rats, etc)
Horses as Pets
Post-Processing (Lightroom + Adobe Photoshop)
Printing and Products

Sponsored by One Vision Imaging Ltd

One Vision Imaging Ltd

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Five reasons to attend this class:

1. Because, a pet is far beyond more accessible and easiest subjects than others such as humans, or still objects
2. A pet will teach you patience and will get you to discover abilities you never though you would have such as climbing on a rock in a middle of the lake to capture a game of fetch the ball
3. A Dog will show you unpredictable situations, a Cat will teach you independence, a bunny will let you know how to hop and bounce through the grass and a hamster will get you to roll over on yourself. They will bring you happiness as never experienced before
4. Photographing a pet is an extra bonding time for the owners or handlers and if these pets are terminally ill they will give you the chance to capture their lovely selves to make it last forever
5. Photography is a creative challenge and photographing pets will make you see the world on a very different perspective as the humans or still objects would do

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