Dawn to Dusk - A journey of beauty


Presented by Craig Jones

Subject: Wildlife
Day: Saturday 19th Jan 2019
Time: 16.00 to 18.00 - Masterclass
Main Speaker Craig Jones in room : St Julian

Craig will go through camera settings, compositions, Light and Fieldcraft.

Craig will show you a usable workflow that works on the ground, the same as he uses, with no secrets, no hidden settings. The beauty of photographing wildlife is that it is always changing and evolving, encountering the unexpected. In this environment the photographer must learn to work with these changing environmental conditions and behaviours, and the result cannot always be predicted.

Fieldcraft is one of the most important tools in a wildlife photographer’s box he believes, because if the animal is not used to human contact, isn’t tame or used to you putting food out, then they will be very difficult to get close to in the absence of hides. Learning fieldcraft skills will improve your photography, as a subject going about its life, free from human contact always makes for the best photographs. Craig feels you cannot learn real and true fieldcraft from anything other than a wild animal

He will go through these key elements that he uses and that have improved his own wildlife photography and pass them onto you during this presentation.

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Five reasons to attend this class:

I. Be Inspired by the beauty of the natural world.
2. Learn how to use your camera as an extension of yourself in the wild.
3. Work more ethically where the welfare of the subject is the most important thing.
4. Be a voice for the natural world and let your images speak for them.
5. Create a simple workflow that works in the theatre of wildlife.

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