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Ritz Images Ltd Leicestershire - Rutul Patel , FB171071

Roshni Patel Photography Middlesex - Roshni Patel , FB144666

Sarvam Patel Photography Middlesex - Sarvamangal Patel , FB148336

Stephanie Paterson Limited Berkshire - Stephanie Paterson , FB152596

Amour Images West Midlands - Shameer Pathan , FB111265

ArtbyClaire Wedding & Portraits Photography Hertfordshire - Claire Patterson , FB171015

Julie Patterson Photography Essex - Julie Patterson , FB137691

Luco Photography Midlothian - Will Patterson , FB159839

George Paul Photography Bristol - George Paul , FB170798

Becky Payne Photography South Yorkshire - Rebecca Payne , FB171703

Candi Eye studio Lincolnshire - Colin Payne , FB160912

Craig Payne Photography West Sussex - Craig Payne LSWPP, FB107358

Rubicon Photography Nottinghamshire - Jurgen Payne , FB135421

Peace Photography West Yorkshire - Charlotte Peace , FB165198

Malcolm Peacock Photography Cheshire - Malcolm Peacock LSWPP, FB123619

Pearcescott Creations London - Barbara Pearce-Scott , FB99688

Peek Photography Suffolk - Paul Peek CrSWPP, FB4878

Robert Peet Photography Manchester - Robert Peet , FB156828

Photo Pekridi Thessaloniki - Nik Pekridis ASWPP, FB9871

Elizabeth-Leanne Photography County Durham - Elizabeth Leanne Pennick , FB128347

Chris Pentecost Photography Merseyside - Christopher Pentecost , FB108321

Martin Percival Photography London - Martin Percival , FB76378

Rachael Pereira Photography Essex - Rachael Pereira , FB120703

Matt Pereira Photography Surrey - Matt Pereira , FB8691

Gary Perlmutter Photography Hertfordshire - Gary Perlmutter , FB169337

Mark Fell Photography Wiltshire - Rosie Perry , FB164779

Richard Perry Photography West Yorkshire - Richard Perry , FB160522

i-maani photography Berkshire - Sher-Ali Perwaz , FB100901

Rivendell Studio Hampshire - Derek Pether , FB99266

Petrov Photography London - Yavor Petrov , FB133214

Raymond Phang Photography Singapore - Raymond Phang , FB136590

Photo Lounge Paphos - Elli Philippou , FB132990

Barry Phillips Photography Warwickshire - Barry Phillips , FB170768

Premiere-Photography Gwent - Grev Phillips , FB56665

Nancy Lisa Barrett Photography Lancashire - Nancy Phillips , FB156617

Zelda Philp Photography Mid Glamorgan - Zelda Philp , FB160480

Nick Phipps Photography Wiltshire - Nicholas Phipps , FB165973

Piccoli Fine Art Photography Victoria - Robert Piccoli , FB171580

Piccoli Fine Art Photography Victoria - Kristian Piccoli , FB171581

Tony Pick Photography Suffolk - Tony Pick , FB5751

Ian Pickering Photography Leicestershire - Ian Pickering , FB148597

LSP Photography South Yorkshire - Lesley Pickersgill LBPPA, FB5444

Martin Pickles Photographer Berkshire - Martin Pickles , FB4818

Bex Pidgeon Photography Bedfordshire - Rebecca Pidgeon , FB133426

Ambience Images Lancashire - David Pitts LSWPP, FB1218

Alter Ego Portraits Northamptonshire - Martin Plant LSWPP LBPPA, FB5048

Platt Photography Arizona - Jared Platt , FB130316

Anna Pluskota Photography Buckinghamshire - Anna Pluskota , FB161476

Focusfotos Wrexham - Chris Pole , FB136833

Page No:- 35

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You have 237 days until The Societies of Photographers Convention starting on Wednesday 16th January 2019

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