Published 06/11/12

Carl Zeiss Presents Two New Lenses

Industry customers benefit from exceptional image quality with the Distagon T* 2.8/15 and the Apo Sonnar T* 2/135


Carl Zeiss has two new lenses in its line the new Distagon T 2,8/15 super-wide angle lens is already on the market, and the Apo Sonnar T 2/135 will be delivered from December onwards. Both lenses are available with F mount ZF.2, EF mount ZE and M42 mount Z-M42-I and are designed for use in creative photography as well as industrial applications.

The Distagon T 2,8/15 features an extra large field angle of 110 and speed of 12.8. Through its extremely large field angle, the lens allows either foreground or background emphasis. Because the super wide angle also enables focusing on details close in, the exaggerated graduation of proportions results in additional impression of depth with outstanding definition throughout the picture -from close-in to infinity. With other super-wide angle lenses, aberrations such as distortion can easily occur. The Distagon T 2,8/15 balances these out and delivers naturally proportioned pictures. ''With the high-speed Distagon T 2,8/15, Carl Zeiss sets the standard in super wide-angle photography,'' says Dr. Michael Pollmann, Consumer Lenses Program Manager in the Camera Lens Division of Carl Zeiss AG.


With its 135 millimeter focal length, the Apo Sonnar T 2/135 is the longest tele lens in the SLR lens range. Anyone who wishes to capture detailed images from long distances is on the right track with the Apo Sonnar T 2/135. At any aperture, it delivers impressive results -brilliant detail, high contrast and maximum definition. A special, variable arrangement of the lens elements ensures excellent image quality across the entire focusing range from 0.8 m to infinity. As it is an apochromatic lens, chromatic aberrations are corrected by lens elements made of special types of glass with exceptional partial dispersion. Therefore, the chromatic aberrations are far below the limits otherwise defined.

Applications in Photogrammetry
The robust all-metal body of both the Distagon T 2,8/15 and the Apo Sonnar T 2/135 is designed for extra-long service life. Thus, both are optimally suitable for industry customers. The German Aerospace Center DLR, among others, uses an SLR lens from Carl Zeiss in an airborne system for the monitoring of traffic and potential hazards. This allows razor sharp images to be conveyed almost in real-time -in the case of a major event, for example -which benefits security forces and other groups. Due to its resistance and perfor- mance, the ZEISS lens also withstands adverse weather conditions. ''Carl Zeiss enjoys a very good reputation in the area of photogrammetry. We were well-advised. If we set the lenses to infinity, they focus on infinity. This is exactly what we wanted,'' says Project Manager Dr. Frank Kurz from the Remote Sensing Technology Institute at the DLR.

Like with all other SLR lenses of the ZE and ZF.2 series, the Carl Zeiss T anti-reflective coating and the advanced treatment of the lens edges with special dark black lacquers ensure resistance to reflections and stray light.

1st Published 6 November 2012 10:25
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