Published 05/09/12

Experience Seminars are pleased to announce the launch of our latest training DVD

The Essential Guide to Wedding Photography


Our essential guide to wedding photography looks at the things that you need to understand when shooting a wedding, either for friends and family or if looking to shoot weddings commercially.

The DVD looks a wide range of topics ranging from the planning of the photography on the day, what images to take and the amount of the wedding you cover, through to looking at the camera and flash settings that will give the very best results. We also take a look at the equipment requirements for coping with the very challenging conditions that you can find yourself shooting in.

To give a better insight as to what is involved when shooting weddings professionally we have collaborated on this DVD with Angela Humble who is a successful full time wedding photographer. Angela covers a wide range of weddings in an average year ranging from small civil ceremonies through to elaborate ceremonies in some stunning locations and so is well positions to give a real insight into the challenges faces by photographers.

This DVD is specific to just Canon EOS cameras due to the large amount of the time that we talk about the flash system and its set up with the cameras, although similar to other brands the settings are made in different places.

  • An introduction to wedding photography
  • What shooting weddings involves
  • Approaches to wedding photography
  • Understanding the couples requirements
  • Planning and researching the day's photography
  • Understand the restrictions the photographer has
  • Framing wedding images
  • What images to take at different parts of the wedding
  • Staying in control at weddings
  • Equipment selection for wedding photography
  • Flash options for wedding photography
  • Why lens choice is important for wedding photography
  • How to cope with different light levels when shooting weddings
  • How lenses can simplify and control your backgrounds in wedding images
  • Understanding when flash will add to the image
  • Understanding the ways that flash can be used within wedding images
  • How to produce fill in flash
  • Getting the best results when you have to rely on flash
  • How to use balanced flash to overcome strong backlighting
  • Using the camera exposure modes with flash
  • Using the flash overrides for wedding images
  • How to prevent dark backgrounds with flash images
  • Workflow for wedding photography

Plus lots more besides
Available from 24th September 2012
At Experience Seminars we are professional trainers as well as professional photographers and we have an in depth understanding of the needs of all photographers. We see photographers on a daily basis face to face, so we know what they need to know and we know the things they struggle with.

This chapter based training DVD is liberally illustrated with both images and video recording, shot at a number of different weddings in the UK to get all the points across. The DVD has been produced based on our extensive experience of training photographers over the past twelve years which gives us a unique insight into customer knowledge levels and needs. This Essential Guide DVD is the eighteenth Experience Seminars DVD and is the sixth in the popular essential guide series covering different aspects of photography.

Wedding photography, whether as the main photographer or on a more casual level, is a popular subject for photographers and this DVD is going to be a great addition to anyone's library.

The DVD will be available to buy online through the Experience Seminars website www.experience-seminars.co.uk or by calling our offices on 01487 772804, at a cost of 19.99 plus 3.50 postage and handling. The DVD will also be on sale in photographic retailers around the UK.

Contact http://www.experience-seminars.co.uk

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