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FUJIFILM Photo service pro

Professional ordering software for professional picture results


PHOTOKINA 2012, Cologne, Germany, -FUJIFILM Photo servicepro gives photographers full control over the colour reproducibility on their photoproducts the new ordering software works with integrated colour management and startsa contact proof work flow. The result of the contact proof process is prints on photo andfine art papers, photobooks and calendars as well as canvas and direct prints on noblematerials with precise colour reproduction.

Easy ordering, superb quality
Customers can download free of charge the FUJIFILM photo service ordering software atwww.fujifilm-fotoservicepro.eu and thus place contact proof orders. The advantage of thesoftware, which was previously reserved only for Fujifilm commercial partners, is theprints supplied accurately show the colours that the user has established whenprocessing the image and sees on his calibrated screen.

FUJIFILM Photo service pro works with all usual pixel-oriented file formats such as JPEG,TIFF, PSD, PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG2000 and PDF. The following photo products are onoffer

Prints on Fujifilm photo papers DPII Glossy and Silk, Pearl and Fujiflex in formats 9to 70 cm and fine art papers Rag and Etch in formats 20 to 70 cm - alsolaminated on aluminium and DPII Glossy also laminated as gallery print on 3 mmaluminium and protected with 5 mm acrylic glass,
Photobooks brilliant on Fujifilm photo paper glossy or mat in formats A3 panorama,30x30 cm, A4 panorama, 20x20 cm with 24, 40, 56 or 72 pages,
Photobook brilliant with real 3D cover and felt cover
Photo canvas on wedge frame in formats 20x30 to 70x100 cm and in panoramaformats

Photo calendar on Fujifilm photo paper glossy or mat in formats 20x30, 30x30,30x45, 30x60 and 50x75 cm,
Direct prints on aluminium, acrylic glass or rigid foam in formats 20x30 to 100x100cm

Artistic freedom for creative people

In order to allow for easy ordering, Fujifilm has kept the functions of the software to aminimum. Photo service pro is a purely ordering software without additional tools forimage processing and allows users to work with their usual layout software. Thus, usingphoto service pro is easy from the very beginning, the manual can be downloaded atwww.fujifilm-fotoservicepro.eu.

As there are no processing tools the greatest artistic freedom is guaranteed and as Photoservice pro sets no limits apart from the dimensioning, creativity knows no bounds. Somebackgrounds or unusual fonts in any usual shade can be easily used.

In addition, on the Photo service pro website Fujifilm has made available productionmodels for calendars and photobooks as well as a variety of attractive calendars. Theysave users time-consuming creation of files and calendars -and at the same time givecreative flexibility.

Life-like colours
When importing files, Photo service pro automatically saves the embedded colour profile.Before putting the order in the shopping cart of the ordering software, the images arechecked with the integrated soft proof function. Different tools on the lower edge of thescreen allow subsequent changes. Thus, it is not only guaranteed that the finished photoproducts exactly correspond to the colour wishes of the orderer, but also that for asubsequent order, regardless of the period of time since the first order, the same colourresult will be obtained.

The main feature of the soft proof function is the choice of rendering intent. The renderingintent determines the method for the conversion of the picture from the monitor colourspace to the colour space that is used in the photo laboratory. The photographer canchoose one of the possibilities from perceptual also photographic, relatively colorimetricwith or without black point compensation or the sRGB optimising designed by Fujifilm.On his calibrated monitor, he can check the influence of the chosen conversion on thelater print result and, if needed, correct it by deciding on another setting. The chosenrendering intent is archived by the software in the order file and transferred to thelaboratory online.

Professional quality -and secure
The Photo service pro ordering software offers, apart from first-class colour quality, thehighest possible data security for the data transferred. When creating the order, doubleencryption is used according to the Advanced Encryption Standard AES with a keylength of 256 Bit. The image file and the customer data needed for the order to becreated are stored in an encrypted file. This can only be accessed with the private accesscode from Fujifilm. In this way image and order data are protected from unauthorisedaccess. www.fujifilm-fotoservicepro.eu

Contact http://www.fujifilm-fotoservicepro.eu

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