Published 20/09/12

Fujifilm Announces Image Organization Technology Developments Outstanding Image Technology Enables Customers to Make Photobooks Easier and Faster

FUJIFILM Corporation is pleased to announce that its recently-developed photo product ordering software for the Image Organizer will be displayed as the reference exhibit at Photokina 2012.


Image Organizer, which enables a more convenient use of digital images, featuresan Image Selection Support Function to simplify complicated operations to selectimages, and an Automatic Layout Function that makes layout processes forPhotobooks easier and more efficient.

With the widespread popularity of digital cameras and smart phones, the number ofimages taken continues to rise. Together with the increased memory capacities inphysical storage devices or cloud storage facilities many users are finding themselveswith large amounts of digital images which cannot be sorted or categorized for easyselection. Accordingly, image selection and layout for photo printing and Photobooksbecomes a complex and time-consuming process. According to the results of a recentsurvey, approximately 70% of Photobook users abandon their efforts to complete theirPhotobook order.

Fujifilm has developed its Image Organizer Software along with an online print systemand an order terminal, to make it easier for consumers to create their own Photobook.

The Image Organizer Software includes the following main functions

1 Image Selection Support
Recommends optimal images for prints or Photobooks by evaluating factors such asfacial profiles, lightness, focus and color.
Group images according to similar scenes for easier selection.Image Organization Technology 2/3

2 Automatic Layout
Arranges the layout of selected images taken at he same event in the same page, aswell as enlarging highly recommended images in a page for enhanced userconvenienceand satisfaction.

3 Automated Virtual Recommendation System AVRS
Recommends a Photobook to a customer who is not familiar with the product, orhas only stored images or previously ordered prints.
Creates a Photobook automatically from a customer's images stored in a PC oronline storage facility using a combination of the Image Selection and theAutomatic Layout features.

Fujifilm has applied for approx. 600 patents on the Image Organizer in Japan, theUnited States and the EU.

At Photokina 2012, Fujifilm will showcase the following two ordering softwareapplications to demonstrate the power of the Image Organizer

1 Order terminal software for retail shops
For a customer to order a Photobook
Marks recommended images in a customer's storage device with stars in the imageselection window.
Arranges the layout of selected images automatically as a starting point for editingthe Photobook when the customer moves to the layout window.

For a customer to order standard prints
Encourages the customer to purchase an additional Photobook by showing a virtualPhotobook in print order window. The virtual Photobook is created automaticallyfrom the remaining images not selected to print in the customer's storage device.

2 Order software for Android tablet
Customers can easily create a Photobook or a collage print from a web album onFacebook or Picasa Web Albums.

The technology has already been used as part of the current product, and it will beexpanded to other kiosks and software applications in the future.As a leading company in the imaging field, Fujifilm will continue to develop itstechnological prowess and expertise to offer users new and exciting products andservices that further enhance the enjoyment of photography.

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