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LensPenŽ Introducing New Sensor and Lens Cleaners at Photokina 2012

COLOGNE, Germany - New designs to camera cleaning tools will be introduced by the LensPen Group at Photokina 2012.


From their five new lens, filter and display cleaning pens to an improved design on their sensor cleaning loupe, LensPen products are, as the Vancouver-based company says, photography necessities, not just accessories.

Sensor Cleaning -Simple, Fast and Easy
When you clean your DSLR sensor using the LensPen SensorKlear system, you can see what you are cleaning while you clean. A feature no other sensor cleaner can offer.

The SensorKlear system is the 'holy grail' of sensor cleaning, said Peter Meurrens, vice president of operations of the LensPen Group. Other cleaning systems use sprays and gels that can make a sticky mess that spreads all over the delicate parts of your camera. Not only are they messy, you can't even watch what you are doing when you use them.

What was once a tedious, time-consuming -and nerve rattling -experience can now be done in less than a minute, Meurrens said.

The heart of the SensorKlear system is simplicity, Meurrens said. You can clean your sensors with just three simple tools the SensorKlear Loupe, Hurricane Blower and SensorKlear II pen. All three are packaged in our SensorKlear Loupe Kit.

SensorKlear Loupe - improved design, performance
The new SensorKlear Loupe features eight LEDs, which is double the four of the original model, and they're powered by just two AAA batteries - long life, low-cost, easy to install and available everywhere. And the new loupe is versatile; it's designed to fit both standard and Four-Thirds DSLR cameras. It's easy to use; just remove the camera lens, place the Loupe on the aperture ring and turn on the light.

Inspect the sensor. If it's clean, there's nothing left to do but put the lens back on. If the sensor is not clean use the Hurricane Blower to remove the dry dust. Inspect the sensor again.

If sticky dust remains on the sensor, insert the angled tip of the SensorKlear II pen through the access window on the side of the Loupe to safely and easily target and remove the sticky dust. Only the LensPen SensorKlear Loupe has the access window to allow the user to see and clean at the same time.The sensor can be cleaned in about 30 seconds, Meurrens said. Fast cleaning is also safe cleaning. There is less chance that a dust particle will enter the camera chamber during the cleaning process.


New-design lens, filter and screen cleaners
Long before there was a SensorKlear Loupe or pen, LensPen developed their original camera lens cleaner -a simple, yet effective tool with a retractable natural brush for removing dry dust, and a carbon-impregnated cleaning pad that safely removes fingerprints from lenses and other fine optics.

As digital replaced film, models specifically designed to clean LCD screens, compact camera lenses, viewfinders and filters were added to the product line. And now these five LensPen models -Original, DigiKlear, MiniPro, MicroPro and FilterKlear -feature a stylish new design and state-of-the-art packaging. A completely new look, but with the same unmatched LensPen features that a generation of photographers and outdoor enthusiasts have counted on to keep their cameras, binoculars and other fine optics clean and images sharp.

They're completely safe for all lens, filter and screen surfaces. The secret to LensPen's unique cleaning ability and amazing long life -more than 500 cleanings -is found in its special carbon compound. Carbon's grease-cutting properties remove fingerprints from optics safely and effectively. The carbon compound found in LensPen products is similar to the one used in printer's ink; the reason why newspapers have long been an effective way to clean windows and mirrors.

There are never any messy liquids to spray on and then wipe off, and there's no need for dirty optical tissues or microfiber cloths, that often do nothing more than smear the fingerprint oil around, Meurrens said. Try it once and join the millions of already satisfied LensPen customers who know that nothing cleans like a LensPen. Not really so surprising for those that know us because at LensPen we focus all our energy on one little problem that everyone else seems to ignore how to clean fingerprints

For more information on LensPen products, go to www.lenspen.com. LensPen products are available world-wide at fine optics retailers. Retailers can find distributors for their country at www.lenspen.com/distributors/distributorsbycountry/.

Contact http://www.lenspen.com/distributors/distributors_by_country/.

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