Published 18/09/12

Lighting specialist Metz offers new product ranges

Metz expands the Flash business line


Metz is set to conquer the market segment for video lights and studio flashwith new high-value branded products. For 60 years, Metz has positioneditself as a manufacturer off high quality flash units with cutting-edge technology,and is internationally renowned. The company has a huge wealth ofexperience in the photography segment, providing perfect lighting solutionsfor all types of sphotographers.

As a long-established brand, Metz has a veryspecial position. Metz is taking advantage of these years of expertise, andusing its experience to expand the business line for flash products. Metz ispresenting new products for the video lighting and studio flash sectors forthe first time at photokina 2012, where they will be welcomed by the industry,as well as the general public.
Metz mecablitz -technology for the customerThe name Metz has been synonymous with professional flash units for decadesand is one of the leading brands in the photo industry. Today, Metzfurnishes a varied product range, from handy and compact flash units rightthrough to high-performance flash guns. This makes it unique among itsflash unit competitors.Numerous technological innovations and compatibility with products fromleading manufacturers on the camera market have shaped the exceptionalreputation enjoyed by Metz. For example, the SCA adapter system is internationallyrenowned, as is the use of USB connections for flash units.Whether it's in terms of reliability, practicality or light output, the superiorquality of Metz flash units always shines through. Company know-how, coupledwith systematic quality management, will continue to guarantee thetechnical perfection of Metz products in the future.

Perfect light for moving images
There is a clear trend towards intensive use of the integrated video functionon DSLR cameras and the user requires optimal illumination on digital camerasand camcorders for video sequences too. It seems only natural thatMetz, as a lighting specialist, should also be active in this product segment.Therefore Metz is extending its product range to include video lighting, systematicallybuilding on years of experience and specialist know-how. Therange includes three LED video lights, named mecalight LED-480, mecalightLED-320 and mecalight LED-160.

Metz heads to the studio
Metz is internationally renowned as a lighting specialist for photo illumination-by amateur, enthusiast and professional photographers alike. Metz islaunching its expansion into studio photography at photokina, where it ispresenting the new mecastudio product range. The four studio flash units aresuitable for both new and ambitious studio photographers. Two Top Linemodels TL-600 and TL-300, and two Basic Line models BL-400 and BL-200,are to be presented at photokina. The product range is to be enhanced with aselection of studio kits and a wide array of accessories.

Metz global sales network
Metz mecablitz products are currently available in over 100 countries. Metzis set to use this network to market its new products internationally.In Germany and beyond, Metz is a well-known brand in the area of flash photographyand is highly regarded around the world - by amateur, ambitious and professional photographers alike. photokina 2012provides the perfect platform to allow innovations from Metz in themecablitz, mecalight and mecastudio ranges to be presented to the generalpublic, the industry and Metz sales partners for the first time. Our links withsales partners in different countries and the presence and brand awarenessfor Metz mecablitz products there will be exploited in future to introduce newstudio flash units and video lighting to these markets.

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