Published 18/09/12

Lighting specialist Metz presents its mecalight range for the first time

Perfect light for moving images


Metz is extending its product range to include video lighting, systematicallybuilding on years of experience and specialist flash-unit know-how. When itcomes to perfect illumination for photographs, Metz has the right solution.

There is a clear trend towards intensified use of the integrated video functionon DSLR cameras and users require optimal illumination on digital camerasand camcorders for video sequences too. It seems obvious that Metz, as alighting specialist, should also be active in this product segment. The newlydeveloped range includes three LED video lights, named mecalight LED-480,mecalight LED-320 and mecalight LED-160

A happy ending for every scene
Modern camcorders and the new DSLR and system cameras increasinglyhave a Full-HD video function, affording numerous new and exciting applicationpossibilities for amateur film makers. However, it also means an increasein the demands placed on illumination. With Metz mecalight, the newLED video lighting range, you can light up every scene to perfection.

More than enough light for every scene
The mecalight LED-480 LED video light has 72 High CRI LEDs LEDs with ahigh colour rendering index and provides illuminance of 480 Lux. The LED-320, with its 48 High CRI LEDs, provides illuminance of 320 Lux and thesmall LED-160 has 24 High CRI LEDs and an illuminance value of 160 Lux.The light output from the mecalight LED-480 and LED-320 can be individuallyand continuously regulated from 0-100% as required using a dimming wheelon the back of the device. The mecalight LED-480 and LED-320 can be modularlyadapted to the mecalight LED-160 in any combination desired. Thisallows illuminance to be increased correspondingly. The power supply isprovided by four AA batteries or rechargeable batteries for the LED-480, fourAAA batteries or rechargeable batteries for the LED-320 and two AAA batteriesor rechargeable batteries for the LED-160.

Diffuse light for every scene
The colour temperature of the mecalight LED video lights LED-480, LED-320and LED-160 is 5600 Kelvin. In order to provide flexible illuminance for varioustypes of shots, a 3200K artificial light filter and a diffuser filter are alsoavailable with the LED lights. These ensure particularly soft and harmoniouslighting. The filters can be quickly and easily attached to the LED video lightsusing magnet holders.

Flexibility in every scene
Creative lighting control is often required for video production. The mecalightFlex Arm FH-100 lends itself perfectly to such use. The FH-100 is bendable,which allows the mecalight LED video light to be optimally positioned. This isideal for macro shots as it allows the subject to be particularly well lit fromdifferent angles. The Flex Arm FH-100 is sold as a separate accessory andjoins two mecalight LED video lights together.

1st Published 18 September 2012 14:20
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