Published 30/07/12


Manfrotto introduces lightweight, versatile 290 Carbon Fibre tripods - the ideal supports to accompany photographers on the journey from hobby to profession

Manfrotto, world leader in the design, production and distribution of equipment and accessories for the photographic and imaging industry, has just announced the launch of the Manfrotto 290 Carbon - a new family of carbon fibre camera supports designed to accompany passionate new photographers as they progress and improve their skills.

At that level, no longer a beginner, but not yet earning a living from photography, it has always been difficult to find accessories and equipment that offer the right balance of performance, practicality and versatility. Many aspiring photographers find cheap ''first tripods'' are too flimsy and can't be upgraded and that professional tripods have too many features, too many options and are too much of an investment.

Journeys to far-flung locations and spectacular holidays are often the triggers to taking photography more seriously, but it's notoriously difficult to find a tripod that's compact and light enough to travel with, but stable enough to prove effective when you get to your destination.

Lightweight, compact and transportable, without any sacrifice in camera stability

The Manfrotto 290 Carbon series is designed to be easily transported and carried 290s are small when folded, but lightweight and very stable when open. For this model, Manfrotto developed a next-generation Carbon tubing an innovative composite tube ideally suited to the needs of developing photographers, which draws on Manfrotto's professional experience. It uses optimised fibre angles to provide consistent advantages of torsion/flexion rigidity and stability compared to aluminium tubing; advantages that have made carbon fibre tripods so understandably popular among professionals.

Versatile and customisable, Manfrotto 290 Carbons help get great results across all photographic styles and situations

As photographers evolve and experiment with challenging genres such as macro, architectural, portrait, sports and wildlife photography, they find that each technique makes different and very specific demands of their camera and support equipment. Tripods that seemed ideal to start with can quickly become limiting. Not the Manfrotto 290 Carbon even the kit tripods have pro-inspired interchangeable heads, so a Manfrotto 290 Carbon tripod can adapt to the photographer's requirements and be altered to suit any style of photography.

Durable and built for heavy-duty use, with no reduction in strength or performance over time

The Manfrotto 290 Carbon range is built to last. Its solid and strong aluminium leg levers have adjustable locking tension that can be tightened to ensure wear-proof stability and reliability. And with rugged aluminium castings, it's almost certain to outlive the camera it was bought to support.

Creative and flexible, with positioning freedom to match its stability

Manfrotto has made sure that the Manfrotto 290 Carbons would give photographers the positioning flexibility and freedom to express creative ideas to the full. The Italian designers carefully fine-tuned the Manfrotto 290 Carbon build and features to provide a good min-max height range and quick leg angle selectors, so you can shoot in tight spaces, from high or low vantage points.

Just enough choice

The Manfrotto 290 Carbon range includes a ''legs-only'' tripod, a monopod and a small selection of ready-to-use complete tripod head kits, divided into two sizes the 294 models have larger diameter leg tubes and 3-section tripod legs for extra rigidity and vibration-resistance, while the more compact 293 model has narrower tubes and 4-section legs so it folds to an even more compact size.

1st Published 30 July 2012 09:38
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