Published 19/09/12

Move 1200 L - Outdoor Inside

Outdoor inside - no more, no less.

Photographers, whose life takes place more outdoors than in, will love it theMove 1200 with lithium battery. A lightweight athlete Expressed in figures, thatis 1200 Joules of power from about 6 kg, and all no bigger than a camera bag.And the price Unbeatable, especially with an Outdoor Trolley Backpack andweatherproof Power Pack Soft case included in the delivery.

Further advantages are the full asymmetry of the two lamp connections, while at thesame time having a regulation range of up to 9 f-stops, absolute colour stability thanksto patented broncolor ECTC technology, and flash times down to 1/20'000 s whichreally are adequate for any imaginable photographic application. No less than eightprotection bumpers guard the Move in all four dimensions. For this there is the selfexplanatoryfront panel with its LCD display. Here information meets robustness.Equipped with the proven Lithium Power System, this battery power pack promiseslong periods of use, very low weight, and up to 4000 recharging cycles.

Besides photography, does making videos turn you on No problem the 1200 L'scontinuous lighting mode in combination with the MobiLED lamp, with its daylightconform 5500 K colour temperature opens completely new horizons for filmsequences. And does so continuously for more than two hours

1st Published 19 September 2012 15:16
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