Published 18/10/12

New DXO Analyxer v5

The DXO Mark data factory engine - introduces unique and essntial video evaluation features


New v5 provides advanced video quality tests for image stabilization and motion artifact, to enable the evaluation of the major advanced video and still features of todays digital cameras and mobile phones.

DxO Labs announces the immediate availability of version 5 of DxO Analyzer, its renowned solution for measuring the image quality of any image capture device, to bring the most advanced video image quality testing capabilities to its DxOMark data factory. Such image quality test results data are also powering camera, lens, and mobile reviews of major press partners such as Digital Photography Review, the world's 1 photography website.

DxO Analyzer v5 is an extensive measurement solution that provides in-depth RAW and RGB image quality analysis for any image capture device, whether still- or video-capable, and that offers a range of solutions for reliably evaluating, diagnosing, and fine-tuning digital camera products and prototypes.

DxO Analyzer solution includes rigorous measurement protocols to ensure that test results are accurate, repeatable and consistent over time and that image quality measurements for a broad range of digital cameras from DSRLs to DSCs and mobile phone cameras can be fairly compared.

DxO Analyzer solution is tailored to cope with the reliability and productivity requirements of its worldwide testing operation that produces the data in DxO Labs now-famous online image quality database, www.dxomark.com.

Thanks to DxO Analyzer v5s new video image quality testing features such as motion artifact and image stabilization system measurements, DxO Labs will now be reporting extensive video quality test results on dxomark.com to help consumers better understand DSC performance.

New features

Exclusive and highly discriminating 6-axis stabilization testing solution

DxO Analyzer v5 features a unique packaged solution that integrates a high-precision 6-axis vibrating hexapod to provide realistic and repeatable simulation of natural hand-shaking -an essential feature for testing video and still image stabilization technologies now embedded in most digital cameras and mobile phones.

Electronic Rolling Shutter ERS, timing and exposure performances evaluation

DxO Analyzer v5s advanced image processing technologies deliver the first automated characterization of distortions produced by Electronic Rolling Shutters featured by most CMOS sensors.

Unique 3D camera characterization

Designing and manufacturing 3D camera modules presents mechanical challenges. DxO Analyzer v5 offers the first commercial solution for accurate 3D camera pose measurement. The solution addresses both video and still cameras.

Our DxO Analyzer is not only a solution for the top ten DSC manufacturers in the industry among many other customers, but its output is now conveyed to consumers through our dxomark.com website, which provides reliable data to help photographers evaluate commercial products, said Nicolas Touchard, DxO Labs VP of Marketing, Image Quality Evaluation. We are very proud of this achievement at DxO Labs, and as cameras video and still features continue to increase, we will continue to augment our testing capabilities for the benefit of both the industry and consumers.

To learn more, take a video tour of DxO Analyzer v5s new feature at the link below

Contact http://www.dxo.com/fr/image_quality/dxo_analyzer/dxo_analyzer_v5

1st Published 18 October 2012 16:35
last update 11/10/2018 11:39:06

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