Published 23/05/12

New Hedler DF15 HMI Daylight Fresnel Spotlight

Flaghead Photographic announce new Hedler DF15 HMI Daylight Fresnel Photographic Spotlight


Flaghead Photographic, the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor of HEDLER SYSTEMLICHT products, are pleased to announce the release of the groundbreaking HEDLER DF-15 HMI Fresnel Spotlight unit.

DF15 Compact and lightweight, One-Piece HMI Fresnel Spotlight.

  • Focusing range Spot 12 degree, Flood 65 degree
  • Tough, well build Aluminium construction
  • 150 Watt Metal Halogen Lamp equivalent to 650 W tungsten
  • 6,000 hour operating lamp life
  • Colour temperature 5800 deg Kelvin, Flicker-Free
  • Unique Build-In Ballast
  • Perfect for sound recording, NO fan
  • For Film, Video, TV and Stills Imaging
  • Huge accessory range reflectors, barndoors, filters, softboxes.
  • Weight only 2900 gram
  • Only £549.00 Vat incl. 1 x 150W lamp

  • HEDLER DF 15
    This brand-new, continuous HMI daylight Fresnel Spotlight is unique It incorporates the light source and the ballast in the same housing This reduces weight and eliminates extra cables, providing the neatest HMI unit on the market. The HEDLER DF15 does not need a fan for cooling, which makes it ideal for sound recordings. Using a special 150 W/SE Metal-Halogen lamp it produces a flicker-free light of approx. 5800 Kelvin colour temperature.

    Designed for professional use, the lamp has an average lifetime of approx. 6000 operating hours and the Electronic Ballast will last approx. 60,000 operating hours. The HEDLER DF15 lamp produces a continuous light output that equates a 650 Watt standard Tungsten halogen lampThe DF15 features a Fresnel lens giving great lighting flexibility it can be set from 12 degree spot to 65 degree flood lighting position by simply turning a knob on the back of the housing.

    And for those who prefer to work with Tungsten colour balanced light a special lamp with approx. 3000 K is available for the DF 15 like the DF 15 metal halide lamp at a current consumption of 150 Watts it produces a continuous light output power that equates to a 650 Watts standard halogen lamp. The average lifetime of this special, efficient halogen lamp is approx. 6000 hours.

    The DF-15 produces a light beam that creates a relatively low temperature in terms of heat, a very important feature for heat sensitive materials and humans.

    The HEDLER DF-15 is compatible with a vast range of light shaping accessories used by other Hedler light units reflectors, honeycombes, softboxes, striplites, reflex umbrellas and many other accessories.

    The Hedler DF-15 is available as a single light unit or in Two & Three Head Kits.

    The perfect light source for Video, Film, Broadcast and stills imaging

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