Published 18/09/12

New dimensions in digiscoping: Leica announces Digiscoping Adapter for Leica X2

Leica Camera AG has today announced a new accessory for the Leica X2


A Digiscoping Adapter that enables the camera to be attached quickly and easily to the Leica APO-Televid82 and APO-Televid 65 spotting scopes. The combination of premium digital camera technology with theoptical excellence of Leica's spotting scopes ensures impressive, high quality image results whenrecording birds or other wildlife from long distances.

Leica is the only manufacturer of premium optical systems to offer a complete product portfolio fordigiscoping -from cameras and adapters to high-performance spotting scopes. All individual componentsare designed to be perfectly matched, making assembly extremely easy, and allowing users to captureimpressive photos that would otherwise only be possible with special telephoto lenses mounted onpremium SLR cameras, for example.

The Leica X2 opens up entirely new dimensions in digiscoping. Together with a professional sensor that isunusually large for a camera in its class, the X2's superior Leica Elmarit 24 mm f/2.8 ASPH. lensguarantees optimum image quality. Numerous automatic functions ensure extremely simple camerahandling, while the 36 mm prime lens 35 mm equivalent makes it particuarly easy to use in combinationwith the spotting scope. Taking just a few seconds, the adapter is simply screwed into the filter thread ofthe Leica X2 and locked in place on the spotting scope eyepiece by means of a setting screw. No otheradjustments to the camera are required, and the user can begin taking photographs immediately,ensuring that they do not miss out on rare photographic opportunities.


Pricing and availability
The Leica X2 Digiscoping Adapter is available from September 2012 from authorised Leica dealersincluding the Leica Store Mayfair www.leica-storemayfair.co.uk, tel 020 7629 1351. A full list ofauthorised UK Leica dealers is available at www.leica-camera.co.uk.The suggested retail price is 100 including VAT.

Contact http://www.leica-camera.co.uk

1st Published 18 September 2012 09:10
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