Published 23/10/12

Nikon Releases New LCD Scanner, FX-67S

Nikon Corporation (Makoto Kimura, President, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) today announced the release of FX-67S, the new exposure equipment for liquid crystal displays (LCDs).


FX-67S is the optimal exposure equipment for manufacturing high definition small and medium-sized LCD panels as well as organic light emitting diode OLED panels, whose demands are ever increasing as sophisticated mobile devices such as smartphones become popular and widespread.

Sales Summary
Product name LCD Scanner FX-67S
Sales launch term October 2012

New Product Overview
With the increasing popularity and outspread of sophisticated mobile devices such as smartphones, the market is demanding further increased production efficiency for high definition liquid crystal display panels and OLED panels.
FX-67S is exposure equipment that supports production of high definition small and medium-sized panels using large plates. Its scanner method enables improved productivity as well as high resolution and high alignment accuracy.
Use of this FX-67S in combination with the already released FX-66S allow for formation of an optimal production line.

Main Characteristics and Specifications of FX-67S

High Resolution
A new adjustment mechanism has been incorporated to further improve the resolution of the multi-lens system comprising multiple projection lenses, and a new illumination system with Nikon's proprietary super resolution technique has also been developed. A new auto-focus system is further incorporated with optimized measurement points enabling a high resolution of 2 &956;m L/S while ensuring a wide depth of focus at the same time.
L/SLine and Space

High Alignment Accuracy
The increased number of interferometer measurement axes and the newly designed measurement system realizes improvement in measurement stability as well as a high alignment accuracy of 0.5 um

High Throughput
1,300 mm x 1,500 mm plate size
20,000 plates/hour 4" panel, 6,900 plates/hour 7" panel

Main Specifications of FX-67SResolution L/S 2.0 &956;m ghi line
Projection Magnification 11
Alignment Accuracy &8804;0.5 &956;m
Maximum Plate Size 1,500 mm x 1,850 mm
Tact Time 54 sec/plate
1,300 x 1,500 mm,
4scans, ghi line, 30mJ/cm2

Contact http://www.nikon.com/index.htm

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