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Published 17/09/12

Novoflex photo umbrella PATRON

Novoflex at Photokina 2012

Novoflex Przisionstechnik is known by photographers around theworld as innovative troubleshooter. The company based inMemmingen now underlines its reputation with the unique photoumbrella Patron, which is a complete novelty

At the first glance the Novoflex Patron looks like a normal umbrellarespectively sun umbrella and can be used as that. It can be easilyput on and transported comfortably in the accompanying cover.PATRON protects against rain and offers an UV protection of 50.Special feature If necessary the umbrella can be fixed by fastenersto a backpack. The height can be adjusted by means of a telescopicslide out. So the hands of the photographer are free, so that photoscan be made without any disturbance. With the accessories supplied,the umbrella can also be fixed to a tripod, thus offering an optimalprotection against rain and sun for the photographer and his camera.

The functions of the photo umbrella are unique and unrivalled thanksto its multiple field of application.

As monopod A 1/4 screw thread at the end of the telescopic slideout turns the PATRON to a full monopod with a height of 77 cm tomax. 115 cm that can also be used as prolonged arm, enablingphoto shots from a higher perspective.

As tripod Turning the umbrella cap, the umbrella becomes a tripodthat can be used with mirrorless system cameras for example. Bymeans of the Novoflex ball head 19 available as accessory theumbrella tripod can still be optimized.

As reflector In case of turned umbrella cap diverse coloured foilscan be used in order to highlight respectively to shade portrait ormakro shots. The reflector foils are available in the colours sunlight,silver, gold, white or black. The fixation of the foils is very easy theyare attached with loops and are quickly ready for use. They areabsolutely even and render smooth light, wherever it is needed.

As flash reflector By means of the tripod holder QPL-PATRON thereflector can be fixed fully-turnable to the tripod. A flash for indirect,wireless flashing can be fixed at the 1/4 clamp of the QPL PATRON.The flash angle can be adjusted individually by use of the ball heade.g. Ball 19 between the QPL PATRON and the flash light.

As camouflage tent, mobile dressing cabin, sun sail orprotection against wind Nature or fashion photographers will bedelighted about this option. As accessory, two differently colouredcamouflage tents in oliv and sand are available. They just need to be pulled above the umbrella and fixed to the soil with tent nails. A viewing window is placed at the height of 1.65 m. The lens openingand the entry can be closed by hook- and loop fasteners. Thecamouflage tents are not only helpful for nature photographers, butalso serve as dressing cabins on the beach or at any location wherethe models shall be protected against curious viewers. In additionthe cabins protect the equipment, e.g. laptop against sun, wind andrain.

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