Published 29/08/12

One Vision Imaging go for six, installing the latest Indigo 5600!

One Vision Imaging became the first photographic laboratory in the UK to purchase the very latest Indigo 5600, Six Colour Digital Press.


Ideal for photo hobbyists, design enthusiasts, gamers and any other users looking for the easiest way to colour correct their computer monitors, ColorMunki Smile offers a simple and affordable option for those new to colour management. For more information visit www.colorconfidence.com

ColorMunki Smile is the latest addition to the ColorMunki family of colour calibration solutions -including the ColorMunki Display and ColorMunki Photo.

ColorMunki Smile includes a colour measurement device and very simple software. Thanks to a wizard-based user interface that uses graphics and video animation, users just need to follow the on-screen instructions that walk them through the quick and easy calibration process. Users don't need to have any knowledge of colour to get good results with the ColorMunki Smile.

Geoffrey Clements, Managing Director at Color Confidence believes that ColorMunki Smile responds to the demand for high quality, excellent value and simple to use monitor calibration solutions.

We have previously seen with the success of products such as the Pantone huey that there is clear demand for this kind of product, not only providing a cost effective option for those that already understand the need for monitor calibration, but also introducing new users to monitor calibration through ease of use and affordability. We are pleased that X-Rite continues to look for new opportunities to reach a wider audience for colour management solutions. With so many people no longer printing their images, let's make sure people get the best possible, accurate colour on their displays

Using the same colour profile technology as X-Rite's professional-level colour calibration products, ColorMunki Smile provides colour accuracy on commonly used LED and LCD displays.

ColorMunki Smile features advanced colour measurement technologies that X-Rite is known for while providing beginner colour enthusiasts with an easy-to-use solution for calibrating monitors, said Thomas Kunz, X-Rite's Market Manager, Imaging. With the introduction of ColorMunki Smile, users can now be sure that their monitors always accurately display the true colours of their photographs, videos, games and web browsing experiences.

Users can also calibrate multiple monitors to accurately show colours. ColorMunki Smile software automatically detects when multiple monitors are connected to a single Mac or PC computer and allows users to colour correct each one.

Simon Prais, Technical Director at Color Confidence says that the product has the technical capability to deliver colour accurate results for entry level users.

By utilising well established, tried and tested technology, along with a truly innovative and extremely simple to navigate user-interface, X-Rite has created a product which copes with the modern demands of high specification monitors but is quick and easy to use. This is a high quality solution that provides those new to colour management with the right tools for the job.

ColorMunki Smile extends the X-Rite portfolio of Display products by now offering an entry level display product. Also available for more advanced users is the ColorMunki Display and for professional users -the i1Display Pro.

Pricing and Availability

ColorMunki Smile has a recommended retail price of £84 including VAT is available now from photographic resellers across the UK and from Color Confidence -www.colorconfidence.com

Contact http://www.colorconfidence.com

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